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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shopping in Old Town Temecula

A few weeks back I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have a girls day out. Since I am the only girl in my family & I didn't want to have a girls day out by myself, I invited my SIL and my two nieces to come along. All the boys in their family were at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and the boys in my family could entertain themselves, so it was the perfect time.

We always love to go to Old Town Temecula to do some shopping. It's the perfect place for a girls day out. So I met up with "the girls" in Old Town about 2:00pm. What we didn't know was that they were having a street painting festival in Old Town Temecula. It was quite fun. I posted about it last Wednesday, you can read all about it by clicking here.

I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite places in Old Town Temecula. One of my favs is Enchanted Shire.
I love all their outdoor garden decor stuff.
I would love it if my patio area looked like this.
Then there is a store off the beaten path that has Rooster in it's name. What is the name of this place? Oh yea, Rooster Creek. I loved this old baby carriage with the flags in a bucket for the 4th of July.
In the back of this store with Rooster in it's name they sell fabric for quilting. I saw this box & loved it immediately.
I loved this garden plaque. Mostly because it has cherubs on it. This was in a little outdoor garden shop that again I don't remember the name of. Sorry!
My all time favorite store in Old Town Temecula is Serendipity. It is an antique and gift store that also has a garden area. I love all the vignettes they set up in this store. I love how they have turned an old iron crib into a daybed.
I'll show you more of this store in a minute. But first, I thought we might go out back to see the garden area. Don't you just love this pink flower? Sorry, but I'm not a plant person so I don't know the names of most flowers.
Here is a cool plant. I love how textural it is.
And I just love, love, love this terrarium.
Another beautiful tropical looking flower.
Here is out front of Serendipity. I would love to take this all home with me. Wouldn't you just love to have your own outhouse?
Now lets go back inside to see what goodies we can find. I just love this display. I need a mannequin. Don't know where I would put one, but I want one.

I just love this display of shells.
And how about displaying some vintage jewelry & shells under a cloche? Great idea. Even better when placed on a glass cake plate.
I want everything in this little vignette. Am I getting too greedy? I guess I could leave some items for you. But only because I like you.
Wouldn't you just love to sleep in a this bed? I love anything frenchy & with cherubs!!!
So much eye candy in this store.
And look at this darling baby cradle. And I love the room divider behind it made from an old window & some shutters.
Are you hungry after shopping so much? Too bad this is all fake! But what a great display to have on your table.
Time to move on to another place. How about some wine tasting or olive oil tasting? Have you ever been olive oil tasting? Well I have just the place. It's right across the street from Serendipity. And again, I don't know the name of this place. It just opened up a few months ago. Now I don't drink wine, so I can't tell you how the wine tasting was, but the olive oil tasting was divine. We got to sample 12 different flavors and they even mixed some with some flavored vinegars as well. You must try it sometime if you haven't.

Out front they have an old non working fountain that they are using as a planter. Isn't that a great idea? I saw something similar last year at the Orange County Fair. If my new old fountain stops working, I'm going to do this as well at my house. Right now I'm enjoying the sound of water though.

Out back they have a fabulous gazebo & fountain. I wish I had a gazebo & fountain like this in my backyard. A nice relaxing place to drink wine (if you are the wine drinking kind). Don't tell my hubby, but while I was there I found a new boyfriend. He's a little stiff, but he doesn't talk back. And when I'm with him, I'm always right. lol.
Well I hope that you enjoyed my tour of Old Town Temecula. If you want to learn more about it you can click here or here.

And if you are ever in the area & want to go and need some company, just give me a jingle. I'd love to go. Who doesn't love shopping?



  1. Great tour and like you, I saw a dozen or more things that I would really love to have. Beautiful shope with gorgeous eye candy. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  2. Be still my beating heart! All that garden eye candy to adorn my yard with! I think I'm in love with your new boyfriend. Does he make good money?

  3. Any stores with "Enchanted" or "Rooster" in the name have to be great places. I love spending time with just the girls. Glad you had a great time.

  4. OOOOO! I wanna go shopping at these places! What beautiful treasures to be discovered, and so much charm! I enjoyed my tour so much. laurie

  5. Howdy neighbor! So, that's what it's called. Serendipity. It's one of my favorite stores in Old Town. Lots of inspiration can be had there, and the garden in back is great isn't it. I had been eyeing the property across the street from it back in April. The one that's now the wine tasting/olive oil tasting cottage. I dreamed of running a tea shop from there, it would have been perfect. Oh well, just a dream. Maybe we should go shopping together sometime and go home and blog about it!

  6. Followers are great whenever. You get extra chances so that is great for you.


  7. Mornin' Girlfriend...

    Ohhhh...did I have fun shopping with you!!! I seen all kinds of goodies that I liked!!! I loved the cloches...loved the big fruit/flower embossed base of the first one...and I loved how the glass was ribbed on that second cloche!!! I also seen three white canisters with bird handles...loved those!!!

    What a fabulous shopping trip...I love your Old Town Temecula!!! Thanks for taking us along with you!!!

    Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend, my friend!
    Love ya,

  8. I really enjoyed the tour. You are a wonderful guide. Thanks for taking us along.