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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Christmas in July Blog Parties

I'm also adding this blog to Sunday Favorites hosted by Chari at Happy to Design. Since both of these tablescapes are repeats from posts done last December.

I'm joining not one, but two blog parties today. Maggi over at Just Add Glitter and Stir is hosting a Christmas in July Blog Party. And we can't forget the Christmas in July Tablescape Party hosted by Felecia at Playing Dishes. Be sure to visit both of their blogs to see what they are showing off and to find out who else is participating. You will get lots of inspiration. And don't forget to leave everyone a comment. You know how we all love comments.

For my participation in today's parties, I'm going to share 2 Christmas tablescapes that I posted about last December on my other blog Manning Family Tree (which is now my family blog). I've edited it (just a little) for today.

#1: This tablescape was from my first time posting on Tablescape Tuesday, which is now Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. If you have never seen or participated in Tablescape Thursday, you must do so. Every Thursday a bunch of us all over blogland post our tablescapes. It is such a fun blog party. But I have to warn you, it can become quite addicting.

Now lets get this show on the road. Oh, and don't forget that you should be able to click on any photo to see it larger.

This is the table in my living room/dining room. I have it set for 4 as there are 4 people in my family. Go figure!!! The plates came from Ross a few years back. They came in green & a pinkish red. Now I wish I had also purchased the pinkish red set as well to mix & match.

Edited 7/25: Since I first shared this post I found out that I do own the pinkish red set. I have so many dishes that I didn't realize that I had both the green and the pinkish red set until I was rearranging stuff in my attic. I told you that tablescaping becomes quite addicting. I'm sure I will be using them in a tablescape this December. So you will all have to come back then to see.

My centerpiece is a glass cloche set on a Christmas plate cake stand that I made. I filled the cloche with medium & large jingle bells. I love jingle bells. I then put a Christmas candle ring at the base. Then I made a wreath out of sparkly greenery that I purchased last year from Brylane Home on clearance. It is actually a swag, but I made a circle out of it & used twisty ties to keep it all together. The crystal candlesticks came from my mother in law. The candle rings on the candlesticks I purchased at a dollar store a few years back.
The red table runner came from the Dollar Tree store last year or the year before. My memory is terrible.

The cream colored place mats have snowflakes on them & came from Walmart last year on clearance. The napkins are from the Dollar Tree. My silverware from Big Lots. The crystal glasses came from Amvets Thrift Store (my favorite thrift store when I lived in San Diego).
I got the Santa hats last year at Target on clearance. I thought they looked real cute on the edge of the chair. What do you think?

The red Santa pants at each setting came from my work party last year. They were filled with candy. I had planned on doing the same before taking the photos, but ran out of time.This is not part of my tablescape, but part of my nativity in my family room. I just like to remind everyone the true reason we celebrate Christmas and that Christ should always be the center of our home.
As you can see, I enjoy clearance sales, thrift stores & the dollar stores. I love getting a bargain & have a hard time passing up one. I hope you enjoyed my tablescape.

And now for tablescape #2:

This tablescape was the 2nd time I participated in Tablescape Tuesday (which is now Tablescape Thursday). This Tablescape would work not only for Christmas but for New Years as well.

My hubby gave me some new dishes for Christmas, so I thought I would do my tablescape in black, cream & silver. Let me know what you think.

I used my winter white snowflake place mats from Walmart (same ones as in tablescape #1). I really didn't have any tablecloths when I first posted this except for white & burgundy. So I opted to just use the place mats on the wood table. The big silver ornaments placed at each setting came from a boutique store last summer while we stayed in Cave Creek Arizona. I got them on clearance. They were 90% off. My kind of deal!!!

I used my thrift store crystal water goblets and champagne flutes. They don't all match, but that is OK with me. I love them all.

The flatware is by Oneida. The pattern is Michelangelo. I purchased the set from Montgomery Wards years ago. This is the silverware set that we use everyday. I need to find some more forks (reasonably priced). I used to have setting for twelve, but about 1/2 of my forks are missing. I'm pretty sure they ended up in the trash along with empty food boxes from our favorite Mexican take home restaurant. The kids hate using the plastic forks they give you. I guess I should have been doing a silverware check all these years.

These are my new plates that my hubby gave me for Christmas (I picked them out at Costco). They are by Spode (I love Spode). The pattern is Delamere, in black. I didn't need any new plates, but I am a plateaholic. There I admitted it. I have a problem. But obviously I am not alone, that is why all of you are here looking at my post isn't it? We are all plateaholics, or should it be dishaholic? Either way, it's an addiction. An addiction that I personally love.

For my centerpiece I used an old silver tray I purchased at the thrift store. I placed on the tray my silver mercury trees. The tallest one I bought at Walmart last in 2007 I believe. The shorter one in the back came from Marshall's in 2008. I got it on clearance before Christmas. The tree in the front my dear hubby bought for me at Lowe's on clearance right before Christmas for $2.50. That was the best deal on the trees. I can't remember where I got the Mercury glass candle holders. They have snowflakes etched on the side. I then sprinkled sparkly snow & then placed some fake Mercury glass ornaments that I bought on clearance at Target last Christmas. I love how most of the stores clearanced out their Christmas items before Christmas. Got to enjoy everything for current Christmas & didn't have to wait for next.
You can see the etched snowflake in the mercury glass candle holder in this photo.

This photo was taken with the flash off.

Close up of my crystal goblets & flutes.

Here is a closeup of my new plate. It came in brown, blue, black & red. Since I am a black & white toile fan, I chose the black. My hubby got me a place setting for 4. He also got me the accessory bowl, platter & gravy boat that matched as well. I then went back to Costco after Christmas & used some of the money my son gave me for Christmas & purchased another 4 place setting. So now I have enough plates for 8 people. I could actually have a party & invite other people. Want to come? You just need to bring the food. I don't like to cook much.

It has been fun decorating my table & sharing with you all. I love looking at the tablescapes & decor you all have created as well. I love all the sharing that goes on in blogland. I'm one of these people who when I take a walk, I hope that window shades are left open as I walk by so I can peek in other peoples homes to see how they are decorated. And that is why I love blogging. I get the thrill of peeking into peoples homes but I don't have to exercise in the process. Pushing buttons on the computer is my kind of exercise.

Well thanks for stopping by & viewing my two Christmas tablescapes. Now be sure to visit the 2 blog parties to see all the fabulousness (my new made up word) going on around blogland. But don't leave without leaving me a comment. You know I love to hear from you. Which tablescape do you like best?


Added at 1:30am Sunday 7/26: If you need more to get you in the Christmas mood, you can see my Christmas decor from last year by clicking here. And if you still crave more, head on over to my family blog Manning Family Tree to see my Christmas Past post as well as my close encounter with Santa story.


  1. Merry Christmas in JULY

    I love the black, white and silver table setting, so chic.

    xxx DJ

  2. Merry Christmas in July! I'm visiting from Maggi's party :-)

  3. MErry Christmas.....your tables are stunning!!!! Have a great day!!! :)

  4. love your new plates!

    Merry Christmas in July!

  5. What beautiful tablescapes. You've made me want to go digging around in the china cabinet! Lovely, lovely. Merry Christmas. (I came from Maggi's)

  6. Oh my goodness, they are both so gorgeous. I couldn't possibly pick a favorite. All of your dishes and accessories in both are just stunning. I love the way your put it all together. Hugs, Marty

  7. love the tree plates and jingle bell centerpiece! merry christmas in july!

  8. love your table settings! :)

    merry christmas in july to you!

  9. Both tablescapes are fabulous! Love your dishes.

    Merry Christmas in July!


  10. HO HO HO!

    I came in from the warm and sun,
    To find that Christmas has begun!

    Your tables are just stunning! I love that first one with the jingle bells, what a fabulous idea! Thank you for a wonderful party, I think I may be hunting down some jingle bells for myself this year! lol

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Rest of Your Year!

  11. Merry Christmas in July! Just stopping by from Maggi's. Beautful tablescapes, love the white silver and black :)

    <3 Gina

  12. You are funny-bring your own food! But to eat off that gorgeous place setting (I love black and white toile too so i think you made an excellent choice with b&w!) i probably would bring the food!
    Merry Christmas!

  13. Merry Christmas in July! Gorgeous post! Love the gorgeous table settings!!


  14. What a fabulous party! I am so in love with those green plates! I just promised myself that I will not buy more holiday plates. I lied! I want those, but have a feeling that the pinkish ones will be my favorite.

    Both tables are stunning. The first is my favorite, but not by much. Everything is just perfect in it. I love your use of the Santa hats on the chairs, I will have to borrow that idea.
    I was going through my photos this week and found a photo of my shelf behind my table from 2 Christmases ago and it has two other sets of dishes on it that I had forgotten about. I didn't even have them our last year!!!!!

    Thank you for participating this week. I had so much fun at your party. I would love to come for dinner on your black plates. I do love to cook!

    That hubby of yours is a real keeper.

  15. Your tables are so beautiful! Merry Christmas in July!

  16. Your dishes and tablescapes are just lovely. And those black Spode dishes are divine... :) Merry Christmas in July! Thanks so much for sharing. Stop by my place any time for a visit.
    ~Bella (Beauty Does Matter)

  17. BEAUTIFUL tablescapes! Thanks for taking the time to share!

  18. Great Christmas tables! You did a wonderful job and showed us so many beautiful things!

    Happy CIJ!


  19. Toile for sure, a classic thats hard to beat. HiHoHo, heidi

  20. Wow two tablescapes for our viewing pleasure - both are just lovely!

    And I really like your Nativity!

    Merry Christmas in July!

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  23. Oh, I enjoyed both of your tablescapes! Love the green china, and the jingle bells. Double love the black and white china and the Mercury glass!

    Great job with both tablescapes! This is so much fun! I just put two together this afternoon and posted them!


  24. The plates from Ross are wonderful! No Ross here..:(
    The table is lovely..
    And the second one is beautiful too..
    I love that saying..I have it in my kitchen too...
    I enjoyed my visit, so nice to meet you!

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    Take care,

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    Have a great Sunday,

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  31. I really love the b&w Spode dishes. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  32. I love the first Table the best, but I love bright colors too.
    The Santa pants are cute!
    Merry Christmas!

  33. Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by yesterday. I poked around your blog a little this morning. Yes, I think we might be long lost sisters! Love the jingle bells in the cloche - adorable!

    Now I'm off to Homegoods (my fave) to take the style quiz. Didn't even know such a thing existed. I'll let you know if it says I'm Boho chic.

  34. Hi Kim! Merry Christmas in July!! What a beautiful tablescape and those plates...I LOVE 'EM.

    You certainly know how to put on a great holiday party. :)


    Michelle :

  35. Ho...Ho...Ho!!!

    Merry Christmas, Girlfriend! HoHo! I really am getting in the Christmas spirit...especiallly after reading both of your Christmas posts for Sunday Favorites!!!

    Ohhhh...what pretty Christmas tablescapes!!! Girl, I just laughed when I read that you had a set of the pinkish red dishes upstairs...that you had forgotten all about having them!!! Must be nice! hehe! Kind of like opening a Christmas gift...isn't it? I just love those pretty green Christmas dishes...they would be really pretty to mix and match them with the red! Will you be doing a tablescape that way? Let me know when you do...I want to see!!! Ohhhh...and I love your pretty black & cream and silver tablescape...I think it's my's very elegant!!! Love that! What a lovely gift...your Mike is a sweetheart!!! Those are gorgeous dishes!!! I love that you chose to accent them with the silver/mercury pretty!

    Girl, both of the centerpieces are just gorgeous!!! I love big ol' jingle bells and they're so pretty in your cloche! Love those pretty mercury glass trees too!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing a little Christmasy cheer in July! I thoroughly enjoyed myself!!! Thanks again for joining in with Sunday Favorites too....

    Have a super Sunday Sweetie!
    Love ya,

  36. Morning, I just read your comment on my blog that you will be here in Phx. at the end of August. I would love to meet with you. I do know of a GW and a couple of thrift shope in North Central Phx. not too far from Cave Creek. They are on Bell Rd. around 26th st., so that is a whole lot closer than Mesa. Let me know what your schedule is and maybe we can get something set up. My email is We are getting ready to leave on a trip to Oregon, but we will be back around the 2nd week in August. I look forward to hearing from you. Hugs, Marty

  37. The mercury glass is really special. Both tables look great.

  38. Merry Christmas in July! Hope you had fun blog hopping. I sure did! Lots to see and lots of great ideas. LOVED all of your pics.!

  39. Merry Christmas in July!

    I love those black and white cute and so versatile! Love it!

  40. I truly love those silver trees! Never seen any quite like them. And I'm totally enamored of those black/white dishes! We need to start a dishaholic club!

  41. Mele Kalikimaka! Maligayang Pasko!

    (still getting around to visit the Christmas parties…since this was our daughter’s last weekend home before flying back to college today!)

    I enjoyed sitting around your beautiful tablescapes!! haha I'm glad you do have the pinkish red set :o) I really, really like the black and white toile tablescape.

    I agree with you~Jesus is the Reason :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you for stopping by my family’s Christmas memory party :o)

  42. Hi,
    I love both tablescapes. The santa hats are a nice whimsical touch. I love the mercury trees ,both tables are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my party and leaving the sweet comment. Merry christmas in july!

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  44. Great man !! they are really stunning and so creative.And i am dying to use these ideas,they are just awesome.