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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunday Favorites-I'm officially old

I'm back from vacation & I survived another birthday. And since I am now officially 51 years old (that's 29 to you and me), I thought this would be the perfect post for Sunday Favorites. Be sure to visit Chari over at Happy to Design to see this weeks players. And you will also want to enter Chari's giveaway. She is celebrating her one year blog anniversary.
I originally posted this on 1/22/09 on my family blog Manning Family Tree.

On Tuesday I decided to stop by a Ross store on my way home from work. Usually Brandon & I carpool, but this past Tuesday I went in to work late, so I drove my own car. So I thought I would take advantage of having my own car and stop to do some shopping on the way home. Ssshhh, don't tell Mike I went shopping. I'm not suppose to be spending any money.

Well, I found some cute boxes that I could use in my closet to store papers. You know, the kind of papers you need to keep. Like receipts, warranty papers, instruction booklets, etc. You get the picture. I hate these kind of papers!!! They make such a mess. I have piles of paper in my bedroom. I'm drowning in papers. So I thought if I got some pretty little boxes to store the unsightly paperwork in, it might make my life feel a little more organized. At least I won't have to look at the papers anymore.

Now back to my story, the 2 boxes were marked $5.99. That is like $3.00 a piece. So I figured the price was within my budget, so I decided to buy them. So I proceeded to the checkout. Lucky for me, no one else was in line. Have you ever been to Ross & no one was in line? I know, it's a rarity. So I did my happy dance all the way up to the register. The girl rang up my purchase & told me that the total was $5.86 or something like that. I thought, cool, they must be having a sale as I the total was less than $6.00. And with tax, the total should have been more like $6.60. So I did another happy dance & paid for my purchase before the girl changed her mind.

As I was leaving the store I looked down at my receipt to see why the price was less than expected. It said 10% senior discount. SENIOR DISCOUNT? I'm not a senior. I'm only 50!!! I still have 5 more years till I should be considered a senior!!! I was mortified that the "Teeny bopper" thought I was 55 years old. It seems Tuesdays at Ross is senior discount day, seniors 55 & older get a 10% discount. The "girl" didn't ask me my age, or ask for my ID. She ASSUMED that I was 55!!!!!

My first thought was to hightail it back in the store & confront the "Young Thing". But the smarter part of me said "WOO HOO, I GOT A DISCOUNT!!!" I then felt like the woman in the "Ikea" commercial. But I didn't have anyone to yell "Start the car, start the car". So I did a happy dance by myself all the way back to the car and smiled all the way home.

Yup, I'm officially old. But I got a discount!


  1. What a cute story. And boy do I relate. The folks in my family tend to go gray very prematurely. One brother was white headed by 23.

    As some as I started getting gray I was being offered the dreaded senior discount and I had not yet been carded for a liquor purchase. But then I always looked older then my years even then.

  2. Kim,

    "Old" is a state of mind. You don't ever have to go there! Enjoy your discount.

    Probably, the clerk wasn't sure, didn't want to insult by asking, but wanted you to have the discount if it was deserved, so just added it.


  3. love the 'start the car' commercial! take that discount and run woman :D

  4. Love the discount. Even if you're not old, can you imagine all the money you can save. Hugs, Marty

  5. Here in Canada the discount doesn't start until you are 65 so be thankful it didn't happen here.

  6. What a cute story, and I loved the t-shirt at the end! So glad you're back, we've missed you!

  7. Hi Kim,

    Happy Birthday! That same number is coming up for me soon too!

    I can't wait to start getting that senior discount... at least there's one good thing about getting older!!


  8. Hey Girlfriend...

    Hehe!!! My friend, I remember this post...and had the greatest time laughing! Hehe! Of course, I was laughing with you...not at you!!! Actually you just made my I don't feel so bad because this sort of thing has happened to me! hehe! Hope you had a great birthday...what ya get? Huh? Huh? Hehe! I'm such a snoop!!!

    Well Darlin', what a great post to rerun...I really enjoyed put a smile in my old heart! wink! Thank you so much for joining in with the fun of Sunday Favorites this week!!!

    Love ya,

  9. This exact same thing happened to me at a McDonald's drive up a while back - - - I took the discount and ran!!!