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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Today's Thrifty Treasures for July

It's been over a month since I have posted my thrifty treasures. Warning! Warning! Picture over load coming. And if you haven't over dosed on thrifty finds after reading my post, be sure to visit Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for more participants and more thrifty finds.

These first 5 items came from my local thrift store all on the same day. This particular thrift store has a bin for frames that are only 25 cents. You heard me right, 25 cents! Usually it's because they are missing glass, or a back or an easel.
I found triplet frames in the 25 cent bin. They were missing glass & backs. But that is OK. I'm going to make them into chalk boards. As soon as the weather cools down & hubby cuts me some wood.
This mini tray has a nice scripture. But I may just have to change it out for something frenchy. I'm still on the fence though. Found this in the 25 cent bin.

And another frame I found for 25 cents. This one is missing the easel on the back. That is OK, it still has a ring to hang on the wall. I have already painted this white. I will be distressing or highlighting the raised edges with paint. And then I will add a vintage reproduction print & post on ebay shortly.

I found this salt shaker, or maybe it's the pepper. Anyways, it was all by itself & lonesome. It's mate seems to be lost. That's OK, I took her home to add to my glass & silver salt and pepper collection. I thought she had a fabulous shape. Maybe someday I'll find her mate.

I found another blue Mason jar. I now have four. So I guess now I am officially collecting these. This one didn't have a lid. Price: $2.00

These next 4 items are new. But I got such great deals on them, I felt they qualify as being thrifty finds.
Michael's had all their patriotic decor on 75% off clearance right after the 4th of July. I think it cost me $1.25. I'm old, so my memory isn't the greatest.

This little box was also 75% off at Michael's. I think it was $1.25 as well.

I got 4 of these beachy bowls from Kohl's. They were 50% off & then I got an additional 50% off with a coupon. So they cost me $1.50 a piece. I got 4 for the regular price of 1. I have plans to use these in a beachy tablescape but I've been too lazy to put it together. Right now I'm using a couple of these bowls on my mantel filled with sand, shells & tea light candle.

My last new item came from JoAnn Fabric store. I collect roosters & when I found this rooster at 75% off clearance, you know I couldn't pass him up. He cost me about $8.00 which is still more than I would have liked to pay, but he was 75% off. 75% off!!! And he was a white rooster and shabbied up. What would you have done?

The last set of photos are my latest finds from this past weekend. These came from my local thrift store as well.
I found this mini oil lamp for $2.00. I purchased a little bit larger one a month or so ago at a different thrift store. I guess I am on my way to a new collection without really trying. I already have a small collection of regular size oil lamps, but now I've ventured off into the mini world. If the power ever goes out at my house, I am prepared (if I can only remember where the oil is). Don't worry, I know where the oil is.

I found this white urn for $2.00. I have always collected white pitchers & have just started collecting white urns as well. This one is in my bedroom for now.

I have a thing for frames. Especially ornate ones. I can't seem to pass them up. Every time I buy one my hubby says, "Don't you have enough frames already?" I tell him "NO". You can never have too many frames. This one was $1.00. I have already painted it heirloom white. Still need to distress & add a print.

And finally I found this small cup and saucer. I think you would call this a demitasse cup & saucer. But I am by no means an expert on tea cups and saucers. In fact, I'm quite the novice. All I know is that I love to collect them. I have a collection of blue & white ones so this one sang to me. I paid $4.00. But it sang to me.

It's Royal Crownford Ironstone from England. The pattern is Charlotte. Ironstone, England & it sang to me. I had to get it.
Here is the saucer. Doesn't it look a lot like the Clarice Cliff saucers (see below) I got back in May? That is another reason I had to get it.

Here is the Clarice Cliff Charlotte saucers I got back in May.
Hopefully I won't wait a whole month before posting my thrifty finds again. I haven't gone thrifting much in the past month. I'm finding Goodwill & Salvation Army are just getting too expensive. I still find my local little thrift stores have the best prices. And I love, love, love finding great deals at regular stores as well. You girls have got me hooked now on doing both. I haven't really gotten into garage sales but only because I am not a morning person.

Be sure to leave me a comment & let me know what your favorite item is. I'm torn between the rooster & the blue and white cup & saucer.



  1. So many great finds. Love the dishes.

  2. Oh, lots of great stuff!! And you know I'm loving that white urn. You really got some neat thrifty finds.

  3. i like the cup and saucer best - great deals :)

  4. Kim,
    What absolutely wonderful, and thrifty finds.
    blessings and have a great week.
    Barbara Jean

  5. What gorgeous finds! I collect white glass/porcelain/anything so I would have been all over your urn :D

  6. love that distressed rooster and holiday finds!! i love holiday decor. i get it @ yard sales all the time!

  7. I could do So much with all of your frames. I need to pick some more up! I'd be on the fence too, but most likely would paint the tray with scripture. I'd probably highlight the scripture in my bible first just to show God that I read and knew it.
    I do the SAME thing with orphan salt/pepper shakers. The need friends!

  8. Hi Kim !
    I love your finds !
    I really love the teacup and saucer but, the rooster is so super great for everyday !! You did good girl ! I can hardly wait to see them in a display of yours !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  9. Wow girl, lots of great treasures! I love that white urn, and the rooster(I collect them too), and those Kohls bowls!

  10. Love the urn and the rooster! And I WANT the green scales sitting beside your new oil lamp!

  11. LOVE that white urn Kim...I have a small collection of them too.

    You can use the lone salt shaker to sprinkle on chili powder, cocoa powder, etc to dress up the plate before plating it w/ food.

  12. Oh Kim, I have to start collecting blue/white! EVERYTHING you bought was simply adorable. I could sneak in your house and take it all...LOL

    OLD? yeah, right!
    hugs, Sue

  13. I love frenchy frames but frenchy roosters are even better. Did you see that Barb at Bell Vista is planning a rooster party soon. There is a link to her site on my sidebar~she's having a give away this week too!

  14. Wow, great finds. I really like the white urn! It's gorgeous!

  15. Hi Kim--I'm playing catch-up from Monday's blog party! I love all of your FRAMES! I, too, have a weakness for them. My favorite item, though, is the small oil lamp. That is so sweet. Hope you are having a great week--I am (read today's post).
    S in TX

  16. Geesh!!! You rocked! I love the dishes and the urn of course! Love all those frames too!

  17. Great finds, especially all the cheap frames (I agree, you can never have too many)!