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Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Decor 2009

I finally have my Halloween decorating done inside my house. I usually decorate the 1st of October. But this year the dang flu hit my household & I haven't felt like decorating. This weekend I finally felt good enough to finish up.

So let's go on a little tour. This year I only decorated my kitchen & family room area. This area is the top of a little cabinet that fits at the end of one of my kitchen cabinets. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am cheap, I mean frugal. It's not that I don't love to spend money, I just don't have any to spend. The only things new in this vignette is the "spooky" sign ($2.99 from Target), and the "trick or treat" sign ($5.99 from Tai Pan Trading).

This white ironstone plate was one of my thrift store finds from a couple of weeks back. I got it for $2.00. The black cat graphic I found online. I just printed it out on card stock, cut it out & taped it onto the plate. Cost: free.
The white empty frame always sits on this cabinet. It came from a thrift store years ago. I painted it white. The apothecary jar is always on this cabinet. It has been filled for the last few months with my clearance letter balls from Coldwater Creek outlet. The spider votive holder came from Big Lots a few years back for $2.00. The white ceramic pumpkin was a thrift store find from my vacation to Arizona this summer. Cost $1.50.

Next we move on to my china hutch which sits in my family room. But my kitchen & family room is really just one big room. The only new thing on my hutch are the 4 Halloween plates on the upper shelf. They came from Ross. I think they were $1.99 each. Oh and the ghost & pumpkin votive holders, they came from Walmart this year. $1.00 each. Everything else I already had.

The spider web plate I made last year by drawing a spider web & a lousy spider on a plate I got from the Dollar Tree store. The crow came from Dollar Tree, the skeleton on the right came from the 99 cent Only store (it is new this year too, I forgot). It was actually part of a garland of 4 skeletons. The skull, I'm not sure where it came from. I've had it for awhile. I printed out a vintage Halloween image in Sepia tone to put underneath the glass cloche.

A plastic skull from Dollar Tree sits under another glass cloche on another Halloween plate I made last year. And another vintage Halloween image printed out & placed beneath another cloche on another spiderweb plate I made last year.

The white pumpkins on the top row were originally orange and came from Dollar Tree. I spray painted them Heirloom white. I was going to paint "BOO", but ran out of time. The little mummy votive candles I made after seeing how Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick made hers. I used left over votive candle holders from our wedding. Taped some googly eyes onto the glass & wrapped with cut up gauze I bought from Dollar Tree. I think they turned out so cute. On the bottom row I just used my Spode dishes and cup up my "BOO" garland from last year. I taped a letter to each plate.
Everything looks better under glass. I've had this ceramic piece for years. Just placed it on a small cake pedestal & covered with a cloche. And owls are so "in" this year.
Everything in this photo came from Dollar Tree or 99 Cent Only store over the past couple of years.
Here's a closer view of my painted pumpkin & the mummy votive holder.
This is one of the plates I made last year with the Dollar Tree plates. I free handed the bats & the "eek". This one turned out the best and sits on top of my TV cabinet with my white pitchers.

Next up is my mantel. It was late in the day when I took my photos, so they are not the best.
On the left hand side is a cute plate that came from Dollar Tree. My apothecary jars came from Big Lots a few years back. I have filled them with clearance number balls from Coldwater Creek outlet, plastic skulls & skull hands, both from Dollar Tree last year. Even the garland used on the mantel came from Dollar Tree.
My "spooky" sign that I made last week. You can read about how I made it by clicking here.
The right hand side has a crow from Dollar Tree, crystal compote I've had for years topped with a white pumpkin that came from Target this year. I think it was $3.00. I wish I had bought more than one. The statue was an antique store find this summer for $3.00. I found the witches hat at Dollar Tree. It was part of a pet costume. I was going to make a witches hat out of scrapbook paper, but I ran out of time. But this pet hat, works just fine.
Next is my white trunk. This is always hard to decorate because of it's uneven top. Most everything on this trunk is new this year.
The glass pumpkins came from Sam's Club. This was my 1 splurge this year. I think they were $24.00. But this past weekend I saw them marked down to $17.00. Drats, if only I had waited a couple of weeks. But aren't they gorgeous? I'm going to use them in my Thanksgiving decor as well. The "Wicked" sign came from Walmart this year. I think it was a couple of dollars.
Sorry for the blurry photo. This pumpkin came from the Dollar Spot at Target for $2.50. The crow is from Dollar Tree.
I got this Trick or Treat image from The Graphics Fairy. I printed it out on card stock. I already had the black frame in my stash. I placed it on a black easel that came from Dollar Tree.
My 3 tier cake stand is pretty much the same as in my Fall decor. I just changed out the 2 birdie votive holders for this "Happy Halloween" sign that I got on clearance from Michael's last year or the year before. And the only candy I've had to change out is the Boston Baked Beans. Yup, I'm the culprit who ate those. I've had to fill that cup up 3 times already. But everything else, the boys have left alone. Except I did notice that each pile is down slightly. So they must have snuck some. But I am proud that they have been such good boys. I guess it helps that they are adults. I don't think little boys could have resisted this long. Except now that I'm looking at the photo, I notice an empty cup on the right hand side towards the back. It had caramels, I'll bet hubby took those since they are his favorites.
This spider came from Dollar Tree. I thought it looked cute hanging on the lamp shade.
I just got this little "RIP" sign from Michael's on clearance just the other day. I think it was $1.25
Here is the shelf that sits right above my trunk to the right. The copper pumpkin was a Target find this year for $5.99. Those spider webs, they're real!!! I had to pay the spiders overtime to get them to make things look spooky. The 3 ceramic baskets were clearance items from Michael's last year. I think I paid $1.00 each for them. The bear dressed as a ghost I've had for years. And the white pumpkin came from Dollar Tree.
This sign came from Big Lots this year. I think it was $2.00. It's hanging from a small door knob on a window mirror I have hanging on the wall.

The table to the right of my couch has these 2 Halloween signs I made a few weeks back at my SIL's house. You can read about it here. The little ghost pot came from Dollar Tree. Here's a closeup of the "Eek" sign.

And the witch shoe sign. Aren't they cute? They were so much fun to make, and easy when you have a kit.
Here's another Big Lots sign hanging from my floor lamp. And probably my favorite Halloween decoration is my creepy family chandelier made with these "googly eye" photos I made last year. I saw this on HGTV website and had to make my own. I just printed out photos of my family in sepia tone. I burned the edges, glued on googly eyes and glued to black foam core. A couple of things that might help you if you decide to make your own: When burning the edges, use your stove (if you have gas), much easier than using matches or lighter. Or you could just cut the edges funky & use distress ink. You could also just use black card stock instead of foam core & that would actually be easier to punch a hole into for the ribbon. It was a pain getting the hole puncher to punch a hole in the foam core. If I were to do this again, I'd use black card stock.

I hung them to my chandelier using black curling ribbon. I also added a black bead garland to my chandelier as well. I bought the garland at Big Lots. It was originally gold for Christmas, I just spray painted it black.
I even added photos of my Grandson.

This is a photo of me when I was just a tyke. I love this photo.

This sign hangs in my kitchen. I got it this year from Dollar Tree. See how much you can decorate on the cheap by using stuff from Dollar Tree or 99 cent only stores? Do you want to stay for dinner? This cabinet is in my kitchen as well. I used plates I already had on hand. The cream plates are thrift store finds. The black & white plates came from Marshalls earlier in the year. The little Halloween plate with the cat came from Target last year. The Halloween figures on top, I've had for years. Everything else is usually on this cabinet.

I love these plates.

And to the right of this cabinet is my plate rack & secretary. All these plates came from Dollar Tree this year. I thought they were just too cute. I'm totally into skeletons for the past couple of years.

I printed out the "BOO" from The Graphics Fairy website. It's suppose to be made into a garland, but I thought it was cute to cut out each letter & tape to my white plates.
And there you have my Halloween decor for this year. As you can see, you don't have to spend a lot of money to decorate. I kind of like the challenge of decorating on the cheap. Do you?


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  1. I am SUPER impressed! You have some really cute stuff and I love the way you arrange it all.

    I have a surprise for you over at Red Writing...

  2. holy cow, you do a lot of decorating for halloween! I just love your decor and creative holiday decorations.

  3. Oh KIm, I just love your Halloween vignettes...they're more stylish than them! We have many of the same things & I'm stealing some of your ideas. ;o)

    I'm definitely cheap but I can 5 & dime my way into a $100 spent, quicker than anybody I know. LOL

  4. You are a fab decorator & thrift store professional!!! I wish I could scout some of the stores you've been going to, you've found some great deals!

  5. My goodness....this must have taken you forever to post...and I loved every detail. Love all of your halloween decorations....everything is so artfully displayed and at a thrifty price too!! Thanks for all of the inspiration.

  6. I love all your decorations, but my favorite is definitely the googly eyed pictures. Hilarious! I featured this at

  7. Well for starters...I like to read the profiles first. After reading yours I thought you might be my long lost twin! (I am full of idea and tend to procrastinate)

    Then when I saw that you have the same little dessert dishes from Ross, I about fell off my chair. I am not sure if I have my pictures up yet, maybe just in draft for later.

    But when you said you had had the flu and are NOT decorating MUCH... only a few rooms... well I have to just ask, "Who's profile was that"?

    Certainly not yours!?

    I will be watching you...

    BTW, I have a Pumpkin Head Box giveaway happing this week. Come by and take a look :0)

  8. Hi Kim,
    Wow, what an amazing job you did!!! What fabulous displays too! I would never have thought to use the "Boo Garland" on plates, but I LOVE it! And that photo of you with the googly eyes, is just too cute for words. I'm for sure going to use that idea at my house. Thanks so much for playing along today for "Brag Monday" I really appreciate it!!

  9. I really love your decore !!! Can I come over - I want to see it up close, LOL ! I love your hutch - those plates..and that plate holder with the skelton plates and that shelf ...I love it all !

  10. Kim, everything looks bootiful! Those photographs on the chandelier are so fun, and I love your baby picture. You have done such a great job of adding H'ween decor to what was already there and turning everyday objects into seasonal decor! All of your crafty ideas are wonderful. laurie

  11. Wow, I love ALL your decorations. Don't you just love Tai Pan? All your plates are amazing. I could really just borrow all your decorations and be happy.

  12. Great job with your how you arranged everything.

  13. Your Halloween is amazing! And very thrifty! You did such a great job!
    Hugs, Lisa

  14. Fabulous, just fabulous! Must be fun living at your house!! ;) That family photo googly eye chandelier totally rocks my socks off!!

  15. fantastic decorations at great prices - WTG Kim :D

  16. I love Halloween, love love love it and I think I'd be in heaven at your house! :) Love all the vintage touches. Thats what I did with my house this year!


  17. Wow! I really love everything you've done! Just my style. And I too love the cheap decorating challenge. It makes it all the more fun for me.

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  20. Oh good stuff! :) How fun, my absolute favorite is that EEK sign! :) Love the colors on it.

  21. Great decorations.
    I can see why you liked my crows. They would fit right in.

    barbara jean

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    Co-author of A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts Cathy Messecar

  23. You do an amazing job with presentation. I'm a firm believer that you don't have to spend a lot of money if you know how to present objects in a pleasing way.

    I way trying to narrow down my favorites in this post-not easy. I'm going to have to go with the arrangement you did on the cake stands. Love it! Great job.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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    Thanks so much for linking your inspiration to the Fall Festival! I love it!


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  27. Absolutely wonderful Halloween decorations, but I especially love the touch of whimsy with those google-eyed pictures! Those are so much fun, and they put a big grin on my face!

  28. Well,my criminy girl. You should give Halloween house tours... you could definitely charge admission. This is amazing! I love your style of grouping things, too.

  29. Wow, Kim! You have outdone yourself, this is amazing! There are so many beautiful vignettes here, and each one has so many wonderful details!! You are so creative:) I love all the vintage photos and graphics, the big white frame, all the cloches, and that chandelier is insane!! So cool. This is all really inspiring, thanks for sharing!

  30. Your house looks magical! Thanks so much for your comment on my "baby blog"! I've added a couple of more posts and at the risk of sounding like a moron - am starting to get more adept at it! LOL!

  31. I can tell that you have so much fun decorating. You are good at it, and I love that you do it on a budget. I always say, decorating can be fun, no mater what you have.

    Love it.

  32. Wow, your Halloween vignettes are really Spooktacular! I love the way you decorate. Can't wait to visit you again soon when I can spend more time drooling over all your pretties. I found you thru Karen at Graphics Fairy! Come visit me anytime!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  33. Oh Kim,
    I am just blown away, so many great ideas and so fun to see, will have to look at it all twice!
    How great to do it all on the cheap too, fabulous!!!
    Linda Q

  34. WOW Girl! Come play at my house! Such fun stuff're so creative and have a great eye for vignettes. I'm stealing lots of your ideas. Can't wait to see what you do for Christmas :o)

  35. What spooktacular decorations!!
    My first time to stop by:))

    Nice to meet you!

    The photos with the eyes are spooky cute!!and funny:)

    Looks like you had a fun crafty decorating week!


  36. Holy smoke, you sure went all out decorating for Halloween/fall, Kim. Very impressive displays.......I ♥ the little orange and white plates and those orange glass pumpkins are the cat's meow...and that fuzzy spider...WOW!

  37. Stunning--I love all the plates and all the pockets of decor in every corner!!!

  38. Kim,
    You did a wonderful job, everything looks great. I just haven't figured out which is my favorite yet. Allot of great eye candy. Thanks for showing.

  39. Love your Halloween decor! Love it! I was looking to see if you might mention where you got the plaque that says "Trick or Treat" with the crow in that first picture.

  40. Wow girlfriend, you're not messing around when it comes to being a party girl! Look at these fab parties you've connected to! I LOVE your decor and am coveting your damask plates. The googly-eye photos are genious! I'll be keeping that idea stashed away for next year. It all looks fabulous and in spite of the flu, you've done an amazing job.

  41. My goodness! I love all of your halloween decor! You must have been a busy girl!! Very cute and inspirational Thanks for sharing!

  42. I am so impressed....You blog inspires me......and I will be spending some time here....

  43. Your decorations are fabulous! They have a great vintage feel to them that I love. I can't pick a favorite thing!

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  49. You have a ton of Halloween everything but especially anything under a cloche!

  50. Hi Kim! Thanks for your nice note on our burlap post. Wow -- your decorating makes mine look pretty anemic. I especially liked your chandelier and the china hutch. Come see me again. xo

  51. Wow, wow wow! You have so much to share and so many terrific ideas! I'm going to come back again and again to pick up on things I know I have overlooked. I love the "Spooky" photo sign! And the really cute "BOO" garland hanging over the plates... and the sign "I only spook when spooken to". (made me chuckle)

    So nice visiting with you!
    Kindly, ldh

    PS your background is just perfect too :)

  52. WOW.. You really go all out on decorating.. Great Job.. I love all your cloches and those glass pumpkins are to die for.. Thanks for sharing

  53. I don't want to leave your place!!! I don't wanna leave!! [I too have a spider on my lampshade...LOL]
    Oh my goodness, oh my goodness....your place is definitely not a trick, but a Halloween TREAT!!! [I love Halloween]

    Mine today is just a sketch I drew. [along with a little worksheet share for a simple craft project....AND links to my photos of the trip to the zoo!!! LOL ---a busy post.]

    Click HERE

    Have a glorious Friday, and super weekend.!!

  54. Goodness, you do go all out with these decorations. We just put out a few "fall harvest" items. Thanks for showing all yours.

  55. You most definitely have a talent for decorating. Everything looks lovely. I only decorate for Halloween outside and put a few harvest items inside. I can't imagine how long it took you to get this all done. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  56. You should get some kind of award for all of your great Halloween decorations. It is all so fun!
    I bestow upon you the "Best Halloween Decorations in Blogland"
    There you go!!!

  57. Wow, Kim! You have a wonderful collection of halloween items! Everything looks so festive! You did a wonderful job decorating your home!


  58. Hi Girlfriend...

    I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better, Darlin'! Dang that nasty old flu!!!

    Girl, I do believe (and I am sooo serious) that you should win the prize for the very best dressed house for Halloween!!! Ohhh my's magnificent!!! Seriously...this deserves a magazine photo shoot!!! I don't even know where to's all so beautiful! You're so creative and so talented, Kim! I just adore your home and your style!!! I have been waiting to see what you were going to do with your hutch...I was not disappointed...hehe! I love how you did all of your cloches...pretty, pretty, PRETTY!!! And I love how you added the beautiful "BOO" letters in front of your black and white damask plates!!! Love how you decorated the little area next to your kitchen cabinets...every time I see that pretty white frame, I drool! Hehe! Ohhh...and your trunk decor...gorgeous!!! Love, love, LOVE your gold glass pumpkins you got from Sam's Club!!! I would love to have a set of those...they sure are pretty! And I know I said it before but what the heck...will repeat it again...I love how you did the old photos with the "googly" eyes and hung them from your chandelier...I just think that is such a clever it!!!

    Well Darlin'...I know I've written a book...who writes longer comments than me? Hehe! Thank you so much for sharing all of your fabulous Halloween decor with was such a treat!!! You are such an inspiration to me and all of us here in Blogland, Kim!!! Great job, my friend!!!

    Love ya,

  59. I like your style my friend, so I just became a follower. I just did a project last night with those same goolgie eyes!

    I'll be baaack!

  60. You have a wonderful way with displays. I especially like the mantle with the bust of a girl wearing a witch's hat. thanks for sharing.


  61. You did a fabulous job! Everything looks great. You can come do my house next!! -April



  63. Hi,

    Love your Halloween decorations. Very clever. Like the googly eye photos. Stop by and say hello sometime. :)


  64. I think this is the best Halloween decked-out house I've seen so far. Amazing stuff! You must have incredible energy to do all that. Very original and creative ideas.

  65. Well, you are such a clever girl! So many wonderful things to see and enjoy! Glad to have found your blog! I will be back! Deborah

  66. Did I read that correctly? This is only two rooms? Wow! That googly eye chandelier is the best!! Well done!


  67. Hi Kim,
    I am so thrilled that you popped over and left comments on my blog so that I could in turn discover YOUR wonderful blog! I am soooo impressed with everything in this post! The googly eyes are hilarious, love it! And the skulls and pics inside the much whimsy, it's all to *die* for (pun intended).
    Your blog is a new fave of mine, I think you're terrific!

  68. Oh WOW!! If my son lived in your home, he'd probably promise perfect behaviour for the rest of his life!! He loves Halloween decor and I do it so minimally it hurts. (it's a time thing)

    There are so many things to point out I'm not sure where to turn! In that first pic, that picture frame is amazing and just makes everything around it look great. Love that vignette!

    And that spooky picture you made, that is soooo cool!

    Overall, a stunning display of wow.

    Thanks for linking up to the party!

    Funky Junk Donna

  69. Hi Kim!

    Wow, everything looks totally fantastic!! I love it all. You have so got the Halloween groove happening at your house!

    Have a great day!

  70. Kim,
    Wow! You do great things with your thriftiness. It all looks great without being too scary. I like that look best. Thanks for stopping by my site! I did get my Wizard of Oz for Christmas one year from a daughter. So long ago it is in VHS form. Hope you get your copy and enjoy it.

  71. All your Halloween decorations are great! I love the googly eye chandy - it's spooky but not in a gross way. The white plates with the cat and spiderweb are cute ideas too!


  72. Awesome decorating for fall! Everything is beautiful. I love all your white pitchers. And the 3 tier cake stand with the little tins full of candies. CUTE!

  73. Wow! You deserve 72 comments! Your house is amazing! My sister (Auntie Cake's) pointed me toward you blog since I am VERY new (just started mine a week ago-but having a blast!) But I can see why she loves you so much! Actually you 2 are VERY much a like...going all out with FABULOUS decorations. Thanks for sharing! you are amazing!

  74. Opps! I just left you that comment above signed in under my sister's name! She loves you too But I made the comment. 2 fans for the price of one :)

  75. Oh my goodness...I'm speechless!!! Everything is completely wonderful. And I'm so amazed at how you did so much of this on a budget. Thanks for sharing all your tricks with us. Lots more ideas to add to my inspiration file now.
    Happy haunting,

  76. Wow - you have really gone for it with your Halloween decor - so many good ideas for me to try and copy. Thanks for the inspiration!

  77. This is a gorgeous and creative Halloween decor, you are very gifted.
    I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations.

  78. I just loved all of your photos and are talented. Thanks for sharing...not I feel inspired to go decorate (I am only a little behind!)

    Holly @ 504 Main

  79. WOW! Kim i have never seen so much decor done so well in one place!!

    I cannot even tell you my fave, cause there was so much cute stuff!!

    Wonderful decorating!

    Re your question about being too worn out to decorate my house.
    About everything i find goes to the store so my house is not decorated much. Would be nice to remedy that someday. =0))


    barbara jean

  80. Good Grief Kim, you are the most talented and creative gal I've seen, and working on the "cheap" is even better!!! It is all darling, but those photos with the "eyes" are just the best! So cute and creative!

  81. "It's not that I don't love to spend money, I just don't have any to spend."

    haha! This sounds just like me! I usually don't like Halloween very much (I prefer fall decorations), but I really like what you've done! Especially on a budget! I now have a new blog to follow!