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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This weeks thrifty finds

Here are my thrifty finds for the past couple of weeks. I found a new thrift store down in Temecula a couple of weeks ago. It's only open for 3 hours on Saturday. I luckily stopped by when it was open. Otherwise, this would be a short post.

My obsession with white plates continues. I found this dinner plate by Gibson. The pattern is called Claremont. I only know that as I bought a set of these dishes from Big Lots last year. It came with service for 6, but my son (who shall remain nameless), broke one of the plates. I was happy to find a replacement at my newest thrift store. Cost $1.00.

This plate looks almost exactly like the ironstone ones I found a few weeks back by Johnson Brothers. But the best part of the Gibson plates is that they are dishwasher & microwave safe. The Johnson Brothers are not. So the Gibson plates are my everyday plates.
Then I found this porcelain dinner plate. I have 3 more just like it that I have picked up over the years at various thrift stores. So now I have 4. Yipee!!! Enough for a tablescape.
It is Classic Baroque Porcelain China, made in Japan. Even though it's not ironstone, I still love it. And was happy to find a 4th plate for my collection. Cost of this plate: $1.00
Then I found this set of 4 ironstone butter plates. Someone asked a couple of weeks ago if I had an ironstone magnet in my purse. I guess I must have as I have found some fabulous ironstone over the past month.
These plates are Sterling Colonial English Ironstone by J & G Meakin in England. Cost: $1.00 for 4 plates. That's 25 cents a piece. See I can do math.
I will definitely be back to this thrift store. They have great prices. Even if they are not open very long on Saturdays.

I found the following items at my regular thrift store in Menifee. If you have followed me very long you know that I collect vintage salt & pepper shakers. But I like crystal or silver ones. So I was happy when I found this set for $2.00. I didn't polish them as I like the tarnished look. And I love the shape of these. Sexy!!!
Then I found this. I think it was originally a glass bell, but it didn't have a clapper inside. I thought it would make a cute little cloche. But I need to find something tiny to put under it. Cost 25 cents.
I bought this as I loved the "fleur de lis" on it. I don't like the copper color. So I will probably spray paint it black & hang it on my kitchen wall. Cost 50 cents.
I bought this wooden pedestal as I thought I could use it with the glass light dome I found a few weeks back that I want to make into a cloche. I've already painted this black. But I didn't like the glass dome on this pedestal. The pedestal is too wide. So now I need to find something else to put the dome on & I'll probably put a pumpkin on the pedestal for now instead. I'll show you in a couple of days when I post my Halloween decor photos. Cost: $1.30
Score on another set of crystal S&P shakers. This set $1.50. I've already added both sets to my collection under one of my cloches. I can't possibly fit another one in there now. So I guess I'm done collecting S&P shakers. Yeah right.
I wanted some black candlesticks for Halloween so I picked up these brass candlesticks. Cost 75 cents each for the 2 smaller ones. $1.50 for the larger. Now don't ask me why the larger one was double the price. That answer would have to come from the thrift store pricer. I paid the price as I needed, I mean wanted them. I've already painted these black as well. I just need to decide where to put them in my Halloween decor. I also picked up some red taper candles, 2 for 25 cents. I spray painted them black to use with the candlesticks. I'm hoping that when I light them, the red wax will melt down the black candlestick & look like blood. We'll see. They were a pain to spray paint. Sorry no photos. You'll just have to wait & see.
And for the finale, is a little something my hubby picked up from our old favorite thrift store down in San Diego county. I don't know what you call this, except for purty. Maybe a gravy boat or some sort of sauce holder. It has an area underneath for placing a candle. I'm sure it's a reproduction. The really old ones had a built in burner. It wasn't this nice & shiny when he bought it, it was all tarnished. He polished it up himself. Isn't he a good hubby? Cost $5.95. But he saw this listed online for $50.00. He was happy with his purchase. And so was I.
I hope that you enjoyed this weeks treasures. I'm finding the thrill of the hunt so fun. Much more fun than buying strictly retail. I haven't given up retail, but I'm enjoying thrifting so much more. Now I just need to get rid of some stuff. (My family is laughing at the thought. They know me too well.)

What thrifty finds did you find this week?


I'm linking up to Thrifty Thursday hosted by Leigh at Tales from Bloggeritaville. Be sure to visit her blog to see this weeks participants.


  1. Oh, Kim! You really found some treasures!

    I would think that sauce boat would be for either gravy. But you could sure use it for something like chocolate sauce that you would need to keep hot.

    It's SO neat.

    Happy Thrifty Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. Kim, You found some fantastic bargains!! Love them all!

  3. Kim.. what great finds you got! love all the S&P.. even the gravy boat and its stand just awesome! i love them all!

  4. Kim ~ You scored BIG - wow !!! Isn't it fun to find missing pieces for a collection ?? I love that silver butter thing - you have a great eye.
    p.s. Love your halloween banner for your blog !

  5. really scored these past couple of weeks!!! That last piece you showed was amazing.
    Love, love the blog design you have right now...too cute.
    Head on over and enter my giveaway...since you like silver salt and pepper shakers...I made a snowman out of one and it is included in the giveaway.

  6. love the thrifty finds, my mom had several of those jello molds up on our walls when I was a kid.

    love that you find salt and pepper shakers sexy LOL :D

  7. Holy cow. What cool stuff. You are making me want to find some thrift stores somewhere. Oh, we have D.I. of course--but it won't have these kinds of things. You are really wonderful at decorating your home Kim. What a talent you have.

  8. Kim, you find some of the best things! Love that gravy/sauce boat thingie. I rather like the little butter plates, simple but pretty.

  9. Very fun finds. I like the things that you collect. Simple and classy!!! Wow! A three hour Sat only thrift store????? Was it packed?

  10. You found the coolest stuff this week, Kim. Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  11. Hi Kim!

    What treasures that you found! I cannot beleive you scored all that great loot! Hubby found a beautiful piece!Thanks for participating in Thrifty Thursday this week! Some great finds, my friend!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  12. Just found your blog. LOVE it. What fabulous finds. I will be back. I'm totally a follower now. ;o)

  13. Hi Kim, how lucky of me to bump into your lovely blog. I just loved scrolling down the page to see your finds. Absolutely lovely. I love those salt & pepper shakers. Do not collect them not have I ever tought about collecting such items, but you make them sound and look soooooo special that I might start collecting them too. there are some very nice ones around. too bad thrift stores in italy aren't at all thrifty. On the contrary quite expensive (and so are flea markets).
    Love your blog and will visit often to check what you girl will be up to... more thrifts to be envious of - just joking.
    Come and visit my blog at
    I guess we can get to know each other and become blogging friends.
    I love vintage and shabby chic home decore. Adore collecting tea sets or siply mismatched tea cups, scented soaps but my very passion is for roses.
    leeave a comment to let me knnow you've been there.
    With warm wishes

  14. You found so many great items! I especially love the gravy boat thingy. Don't you love it when you find it listed for more somewhere else? I love that feeling of a bargain!

    Have a great evening!

  15. oooooh - look at those finds!! I love the ironstone & yummy s & p shakers --- showing off those math skills to boot!

  16. Kim, you are an Ironstone magnet! Great finds! That copper fleur is going to look fabulous black! Love all the salt and pepper shakers too!


  17. Love your ironstone plates. Girl, you had a thrifting bonanza! Lucky you!

  18. What great finds. I love the crystal salt and pepper!

  19. Great finds! I love the ironstone. I have a similar set I found at a thrift shop over the summer.


  20. Wow Kim, You did get some great stuff this week. Your salt and pepper shakers are so pretty and your hubby scored big with his find!

    How about a littel something red under your bell cloche!

  21. Well I love all of your finds, but I have to say those J&G Meakin plates were a steal! And how beautiful they are!? Thanks for sharing!

  22. This is the first I've been to your blog and I sure like it. Did you have to prime the brass candlesticks before spray-painting them? I have some that I would love to just spray. Have you done it before? I would also be thrilled if you stopped by my blog, and if you like it, please sign up to follow. Thanks!

  23. I've been eyeing a couple sets of Big Lots white dishes. They are a good deal, and I just might have to give into temptation. Your hubby's gravy dish is fantastic.

  24. I never seem to have luck at the thrift shops around here. I find all my things at the antique malls usually. Your finds are real treasures, though!

  25. I love you thrifting and the prices are wonderful. I never get in on such deals. I'm sure I could learn from you.

    Can't wait to see your thanksgiving decorations.

  26. Wow! You found a lot of goodies! I especially like the first set of s and p shakers. They have a lot of character.

  27. Just found your blog today, and I love all your thrifty finds!
    I'm in So CA too, but just don't seem to find as many fun things as you do.
    Those S & P shakers are perfect!!
    Have a great weekend,
    Mary Ann

  28. I love the white plates, along with all your other finds! I cannot believe you found four of the same plate. Great job! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  29. Looks like a very successful trip! Great stuff :)

  30. Thanks for visting. You have some great finds this week. I love all your dishes.

  31. I LOVE your silver gravy server!! Great find!