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Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Christmas List

Dear Santa,
It's me, Kim. Remember me? I know, I know, it's been way too long. I'm terrible at writing letters. I spend all my time blogging. Do you have a blog Santa? If not, you should really get one. But then, you might spend too much time blogging & not get your Christmas stuff done. Never mind, you better stick to what you do best.

Well I know you are wondering why I am finally writing to you. I have this new friend, her name is Red Writing, and as you probably can already guess, she has a blog called Red Writing. She is trying to get us all in the mood for Christmas. So for 12 weeks she is hosting a 12 weeks of Christmas blog party. Can you imagine partying for 12 whole weeks?

When I heard that, I said I was in. Each week she wants us to post on our blog about different Christmas topics & do some crafts. Doesn't it sound like lots of fun? Are you sure I can't talk you into starting a blog? Maybe Mrs Claus would be interested.

I know you are busy Santa, so I guess I better get to my point. For week 1 we are to post about our Christmas list. And who better to come to with my list, than you Santa? What, you say the tooth fairy? You are so funny Santa. Everyone knows the tooth fairy only gives chump change. You give the big presents.

Tonight is the last night I have to get my Christmas list together, so in true procrastinator fashion (you still love me though, don't you Santa?), I'm doing this last minute. Plus I've been sick with the flu (cough, cough). But I'm finally feeling better. So that's a good excuse, isn't it?

So here goes. This is Kim's 2009 Christmas wish list.

What do you mean I am out of time? I haven't posted my Christmas list yet Santa. Santa? Santa? I guess he left.

I wonder what the tooth fairy is up to these days?



  1. LOL, this was adorable. I love your Christmas wish list and even more the way you introduce it with a letter to Santa, how creative. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I appreciate it!

  2. Kim, I hope you didn't get on Santa's bad side! He may not have liked your suggestion for Mrs. Claus to start a blog. She wouldn't have time to cook for him... Your post was too funny. As far as the tooth fairy is concerned- at this point in your life, you do NOT want to be losing teeth! LOL
    :-) Sue

  3. Your blog could easily fit in the "comedy" category!

    Thanks for the sweet comment about my guest room.

  4. Thanks for stopping by mysongwithin.
    If Santa brings me all my wish list, I'll definitely send him your way (smile)!

    Jayne at mysongwithin

  5. very cute! I may have to jump on this christmas party-sounds like a ton of fun...I like your new background for halloween!

  6. hysterical - love your list and letter to the big guy :D

  7. So funny! Glad you got in on the party!

  8. You always have me in stitches!

  9. I have you in my drawing. 2 times!

  10. Funny!

    Thanks for stopping by. If Santa hires me, I will put in a good word for you!

  11. you're so funny! better late than never (=
    don't worry, I am pretty tight with Santa, just mention my name and you're guaranteed a spot on the nice list! haha

  12. Good luck on that list! I'm going to settle for the movie on my birthday! I think that's as close as I'll get! Your post is adorable!
    Hugs, Lisa

  13. Kim, that was so cute! You put a big smile on my face. Thanks! laurie

  14. This is too funny and quite a unique list! ;) Loved reading it!