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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All you need is love

Is love all we really need? I think not.

This time of year, we think about it obsessively.

Today, I'm not feeling it so much. I'm a little ticked at my hubby. It's over something stupid. And we will get over it. In time.

So I guess I need something to remind me that I still do love him.

Here is a little something that I made last year for Valentine's Day.

I actually made 3 different heart plaques. But this was my favorite.

Because it's frenchy!!!
And reminds me of when we went to Paris seven years ago this month for my hubby's birthday. It was a fabulous trip. Seems like yesterday. Everyone needs a trip to Paris, especially with the one they love.

I guess I need to focus on how I felt while in Paris, and get over how I'm feeling today. I need to focus on love and look at the bigger picture. But it's hard sometimes.

Maybe I just need some chocolate.

All would be right with my world again if hubby brought me that chocolate.

Or flowers.

Or better yet, another trip to Paris!!!

Now we're talking.


  1. Well Kim, you better get to working on him about this Paris thing. Tell him you won't be ticked anymore if he promises you that trip you want!

  2. Gorgeous french plaque, Kim. So very valentine-y. Paris sounds wonderful. in April!
    p.s.does it snow in Paris this time of year? LOL

  3. i'm sorry you're hitting a rough patch...just don't lose your way to each other. we were there too, & that's no fun...blessedness!

  4. Those are really pretty heart plaques! Chocolate always does it for me (especial Godiva)!


  5. I love little bird, and your blog is sooo my style! :)

    Thank you for the sweet comment, and good luck with the giveaway!! :)

  6. Chocolate or cookie dough and wash it down with a diet coke.