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Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Hutch

Encore edition for Funky Junk's Christmas House Tour.

Less than 2 weeks till Christmas. Are you ready?

I am not.

Still no tree, still no lights. Still no Christmas spirit.

What's a girl to do?

Hubby said "You need to decorate". So I did.

Still no tree, still no lights, still no Christmas spirit.

At least my family room looks ready. Here is how I decorated my china hutch this year.

The vintage deer family came from eBay. There are actually six in the set. I just split them up in my decorating. The advent calendar box was one of my recent Tai Pan Trading purchases. However, I never did put any candy, treats or anything in the little boxes. It's a good thing I don't have little kids in my household. Or they would be feeling mighty cheated.

Here is how the entire hutch looks. Very traditional in color. And with a vintage feel.

Here is another set of vintage deer I won from eBay. This was a different set from the one I already showed you. I had forgotten that I put last minute snipe bids on 2 different sets. I won both.

The largest deer had a leg that came bent. That made it hard to balance the deer on 3 legs. But hubby fixed the mangled let for me. Now it is perfect.

The red glass bird votive holder was a "freebie" item from Tai Pan Trading on Black Friday.

The pedestal dish was a thrift store find a few years ago. The silver was in terrible shape, so I spray painted it black.

I love the vintage feel of this years hutch. The flash card garland is from October Afternoon paper products line. Love all their paper collections.

Flash cards, twine and clothespins make for an easy peasy garland.

I love collecting glitter or putz style houses. This one is actually an ornament from Walmart this year. The small birdy is an ornament as well. It came from Target a few years ago. I have 2 of them, but can only find one right now.

These Christmas/Winter theme tags came from Tai Pan Trading, this year. The felt snowflakes on the plates behind are ornaments from Target. They are a new purchase this year as well.

Last year at this time my family was on vacation in Phoenix. I was obsessed with finding vintage deer after spying these on Very Merry Vintage Style blog. Luckily, I found a salt & pepper deer set. So I was happy (until this year when I wanted more vintage deer). I put each deer under glass this year. My little glass cloches are a thrift store find. So are my ironstone plates.

This cardboard schoolhouse was an ornament I found at Mervyn's, many years ago. It's missing the ball that should be on the very top of the steeple. I need to make something to replace it.

I found a similar larger version of this school at Tai Pan Trading last month. You might have seen it on this years Christmas mantel.

Here is the other half of my S&P deer.

Here I have a cloche under a cloche. I picked up the vintage style cloche with the choir angel at an antique store in Riverside a couple of years ago. It was in a booth that had everything 40% off. I love those kind of deals. I placed it on a small thrift store urn & placed everything under another cloche that I made.

It's hard enough to take a photo of something in the cloche. But even harder when there is two.

I have a thing for bottle brush trees this year. Luckily I already had a bunch. I placed a few in a couple of my silver baby cups I collect. I placed a couple of small red cardinal ornaments from Target in front.

Another glitter house ornament that came from Mervyn's. The tin plates in the background came from Restoration Hardware many a moon ago. I'm pretty sure I got them on clearance. As I know I could never afford full price from that place.

And now we have reached the bottom layer.

I found this small vignette at a thrift store. I did add the snowman and a couple of more bottle brush trees. Placed it all under a cheese dome cloche.

I have lots of cloches and apothecary jars. This one is actually the glass cover to a light. You can make cloches out of a lot of different items.

Love this snowman ornament. It came from Walmart (this year). It looks so vintage.

While blog hopping I stumbled across some snow scenes in apothecary jars over at A Bit of Sunshine. I was instantly smitten. So I had to make some of my own.

She used Epsom salt for her snow. I didn't have any on hand when making mine. I just used the fake snow stuff I already had.

The Santa ornament was a thrift store find for 50 cents.

I found this vintage wooden ornament and the one in the next photo at my local thrift store a couple of months ago. Paid $1.00 for both. I just love these vintage wood ornaments.

The wooden gazebo is missing it's figurine. I have a stash of vintage wood ornaments up in the attic. I may try to find them to see if I have something that will fit.

Until then, I placed a deer lying in front of it.

I found this Santa at an antique store in Phoenix last year for a buck.

Crappy pic. But I placed a small wreath made out of vintage jingle bells from the thrift store under another cheese dome cloche. Added some bottle brush trees in the center along with another small deer.

I just found this mini bottle brush wreath ornament at the thrift store this weekend. I got a box full of vintage ornaments for 75 cents. Most were junk, but I did find a few that were worth having. Actually the ornaments were "free" to me. I had my punch card all filled, so I got $5.00 worth of stuff for free from the thrift store.

One final look at my hutch. Oh, I did forget to mention the mercury glass candle holders. The star shaped one was a new Tai Pan Trading purchase. The larger two in the back came from Big Lots a couple of years ago. And the two smaller ones came from Target awhile back. They have snowflakes etched into them.

And I forgot to mention the key hanging from the middle apothecary jar. It is to represent Santa's key to our house. We do have a chimney, but when I was growing up, my house did not. So we were told that Santa has a magical key to get inside. So the key reminds me of my childhood.

I still have more of my family room to share with you this week. So stay tuned. And hopefully I will get my tree up before Christmas. Anyone want to help?

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  1. I LOVE IT ALL Kim!! The red and green snowflakes look so cute on the white plates. Martina

  2. I loved seeing each item close up. Each decoration looks so good. You have a very good eye. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Really really enjoyed this! I know you will bring your home all together in perfect time. Joy Jennifer

  4. Your hutch looks amazing. I adore the deer - so adorable. You did a great job. Did it put a little Christmas Spirit in your step?

  5. Hi Kim!

    Love it ALL... but those tin plates are really nice. I will have to dig to the bottom of my Christmas boxes to get some vintage Christmas happening at my house.

    Speaking of boxes, they are all over my great room... half unpacked. The good news is that I finally found my curling irons! They were packed in one large Christmas box (maybe this year my hair will look nicer) DARN those movers!

    Now if I could only get off the PC long enough to get the decorations up :/

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  6. So pretty...I love the vintage reindeer! I'm a new follower. Stop by and visit and follow too if you like. Warm wishes

  7. I love those deer! So cute. I am a new follower and would like for you to visit Hibiscus House anytime. God bless you to have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. Okay Santa, stop over at Starshine Chic and take a look. Just bring me everything like she has and I'll be happy!

    Amber @ junkaholicsunanimous
    (Come over and check out my Christmas sneak peak posts to see my vintage stuff too). Following now!

  9. Oh my god, those are the most precious little vintage deer. That second S and P deer in the cloche has the sweetest face ever! Everyone seems to have found those little houses at Wal Mart, and i missed seeing them. I sure would have grabbed them up and glittered the heck outta them.


  10. I love the garland!! what an awesome idea!!!

  11. I found this searching for ideas for this year! So very pretty and great collectibles too. Love love the flashcard garland.