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Friday, March 5, 2010

Lucky Charms

I'm late to show and tell. Sometimes work gets in the way of blogging. But don't tell my boss.

Lucky for me, I have a couple of lucky charms. So hopefully I won't get fired.

I'm extremely lucky. I caught not just one, but two leprechauns. And I thought I would show them to you.
I have them on my mantel and under glass (so they won't escape).

Don't you think I was pretty lucky to find not only a boy, but a girl leprechaun?

The girl is so sweet. She wants to give you a kiss.

That is just her trick so you will help her escape.

But you aren't going to fall for her trick are you?

I didn't think so.
Even if she starts to sing, we will be strong & not let her escape.

Now this guy, he might be another story. He was harder to trap.

I had to lure him with gold coins.

He is going to try & flirt with you so that you will help him escape.

He may even offer you something to drink.

Or even offer you some of his gold.

But I know that you are strong. You aren't going to fall for any of his tricks. Even if he winks at you.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing my Lucky Charms. I got these two figurines off ebay last year.

The lucky sign I made. I used black frames I picked up at Dollar Tree. I love the shape of the opening of the frame.

The letters came from a CD I got with a book called Memories of a Lifetime: Weddings. I got mine from I saved the images in Picasa & changed them up using warmfly in effects. I liked this better than straight sepia.

I usually don't decorate as much for St Patty's day. I do have a couple of other areas that I will share with you sometime next week. My china hutch will probably just get a spring makeover. I think it is still a bit too early for Easter. But who knows.

So until next week, have a good weekend. Now I better get back to work before the boss catches me.

And don't worry, I actually put this together on my lunch break. So I won't get fired.

Oh, and no leprechauns were hurt in the making of this post.

And I promise to let them go on March 18th.

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  1. Kim, what an absolutely adorable post! I love your wee little leprachauns under glass!!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  2. Hilarious post! And what a great mantlescape...I wondered how you made the 'lucky' sign, and was happy to read you like to use 'warmify'. I do too...I usually do a b&W, then warmify. Much nicer than plain sepia :)

    I'm hungry for breakfast cereal now....

  3. I love it! I too have the problem about work getting in the way of blogging, and crafting, and redoing my house... But I guess I have to pay for the house! Glad you had time to post!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. I adore your leprachauns! Are they vintage and who makes them? Also your lucky art is adorable! I made a lucky banner this year, too. I read your bio and from what you said I was expecting a wreck - lol. Your mantle and decorating is absolutely darling! Loved your post. :) Nancy

  5. Just darling Kim, love everything you do...Hope you have a GREAT weekend my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Totally, totally sweet! Love your little St. Patricks day post!

  7. Kim! I LOVE THIS! I feel so LUCKY that you shared it with us! Maybe you should glue down those glass lids...juss saaayin', cause somebody juss might take off with those cuties....(she leaves snickering...)

  8. Those are the cutest little leperchauns and figurines. You always have such fun decor!!!

  9. I love everything about your beautiful St. Paddy's Day display! And the framed "lucky" is such a pretty and clever idea!

    Kat :)

  10. You just have the cutest decor for holidays and such! I know you've told me, as I've asked this question from time to time. But I STILL can't imagine where you store all this stuff!

  11. Oh I love your mantel. Your decorating style is awesome. I'm glad the house is still standing. This way we can come back for more!
    My post's are not on decorating but contains lots of love too!
    May you continue to be Lucky!

  12. Kim such a cute idea and post. The leprechauns are adorable and perfect in the cloches! Joan

  13. It's a good thing those cute leprechauns are under glass ;). You really found some nice frames at the $ store. I don't think I've seen those.

  14. I love those little frames ! Those little leprechauns are precious..glad you weren't fired...on the other hand , that would give you more time to PLAY !

  15. I love the Lucky sign. The frames are so cute and the leprechauns are adorable.

  16. Love-Love-LOVE your Blog! Just found it last week, now I'm checking it every am before heading off to work.

    Keep up your inspiration!!!

  17. Kim, love this post, so pretty the irish green little people....sooo darned what you did with the picture frames, you are just so creative and talented, fun to watch...Phyllis

  18. Cute post, the leprechauns, especially the little lass!

  19. A knack for decorating! Glad the wee ones will be released on the 18th!

  20. Too cute - the wink from the little boy and the kiss from the little girl!! Great mantle!!

  21. Love your mantel....precious decor.


  22. Very sweet wee ones & you captured them so lovingly! LOL

    Those letters are beautiful & so are the frames. Cool idea!


  23. Happy St Patrick's Day from N Ireland.

    Very cute wee leprechauns - never managed to see any here, but then I have not been trying to catch them!

  24. Your little leprehauns are just adorable! I love how you have them arranged. Sooo pretty! Happy Saint Patrick's Day :>)

  25. I like those lucky letters and how you displayed them. And your little people are adorable..
    Thanks for linking up, Kim!

  26. I didn't know there were girl leprechauns. Cute posts.


  27. how very frugal & fabulous! feel free to link this on my St Pat's day page for more views - it's very show worthy!

  28. Hope you were Lucky enough to not get caught! I just love your Lucky picture frames! What a great idea. Cute little leprechauns!

  29. Oh so very nice! I do love your pictures!!! Well done! CAthy

  30. A cute mantle -- love the "caught" leprechauns.

  31. This is such a cute your mantle and the wee people.

  32. Kim~~~

    Such an adorable post. You always have the best holiday decor and I love it because you are so creative!

    Happy St. Paddy's Day! :-)

  33. You are lucky- those are adorable!