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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My hutch is finally painted!

Did you hear that one of the signs that we are in the end times is when Kim's china hutch is finally painted? What? You haven't heard that? Well, that is what I thought.

If I'm the only one who thought that, then I guess we can all relax a little. As I have finally done it! I finally painted my china hutch.

Those of you who have been following me know that I have been wanting to paint this hutch like forever. Or at least for 15 years since I purchased it. But I could never decide on white or black.

I'm not good at making decisions. So hubby finally made the decision for me. He said to paint it black. That way it would go with our table & chairs.

Plus it sits right next to a huge white TV armoire. And my walls are white. It would have been too much white. But I do love white.

And you know what? Hubby was right (but don't tell him I admitted that). Black is the perfect color for this.

Here she is all dressed up in her Sunday best. She even got new pulls, knobs and hinges.

And here is the before photo. She was just a plain Jane. And I hated the hardware.

Here I am painting the hutch. What do you mean that doesn't look like me? What is hubby doing in the photo? Ok, I'll admit, hubby did the actual sanding and painting of the china hutch. But I was a great supervisor.

I even got hubby to put on new glass knobs & pulls. So much better than the ugly ones that were on it. I purchased these years ago from ABC Distributing online. They were cheap. Four knobs or two pulls for $4.95. I still have a bunch more knobs. And they are glass, not plastic. Too bad they don't have them anymore. Don't you hate that I just had to rub that in?

So I admitted that hubby actually did the sanding and the painting. But I got to do the fun stuff, decorating. I pretty much set it back up like I had it before painting. My plan was to decorate it for Easter, but I've been too lazy to climb up in the attic to get down my Easter stuff. And since Easter is this coming Sunday, not sure I will bother at this point. But then again, you never know.

I did pick up this little birdhouse ornament at the thrift store this past weekend for 50 cents. It kind of matches the one I had already that is on the left side of the same shelf (see photo below).
I put the 2 bird finials from Michael's on the this shelf. When I first showed you my Spring decor a few weeks back, I had the smaller finial on the top shelf where I now have my new birdhouse.

I did add a little Easter sign to my cloche I had picked up at Michael's last month for 99 cents. The sign was 99 cents, not the cloche. I wish Michael's had cloches for 99 cents.

I love how the white ironstone pops against the black.

It's fun to find stuff to put in apothecary jars. Almost anything will work. I may change mine out for candy for Easter. But if I fill them too early, they will be all gone by Easter. So I'll probably wait till Friday to fill them with candy.

I just love how my china hutch turned out. It's going to be much more fun to decorate now.

Maybe I will climb up to my attic to get down my Easter stuff.

And speaking of Easter. I did add a little decor to sit on top of my hutch.
The bunny usually sits outside in my yard. But gets to come inside for Easter. I've been having lots of fun with this photo holder. I added letters to spell Easter as well as some Easter prints. All came my collection of vintage image CD's.

I hope that you like my china hutch makeover. I love it!!! I am so happy with the result. Except since it is black, I will now have to dust it much more often. I hate housekeeping.

And I still want to distress the edges. But I was too tired after all this work to do so. I'll have to do it later. Hopefully it won't wait another 15 years.

Did I tell you I was lazy?

I think I will go and take a nap now.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. your hutch looks great! :) Ya'll did a fabulous job. I like the cloche and all the jars!

  2. Did I tell you I want a hutch like that (no, only about 100 times, right?). It looks way better painted, doesn't it? Your DH did a good job b/c you don't see drip lines. You know we want to see your Easter stuff, so just climb your butt up them stairs & show it to us (the decor, not your butt!) LOL! Come on girl, You Can Do It! :)

  3. Kim I love it painted black girl you did an awesome job with that spray gun ha ha!! Love the way you have it all displayed for Easter and all your cloches look wonderful and it's too bad we can't get them for .99 I would have more than I already do....May you have a Blessed Easter my Dear Calif. friend....Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  4. Kim!!! WOW!!!! I LOVE how your hutch turned out! What a difference!
    Be sure to tell your hubby I said he did great on the paint job! I first glance I though it was painted in a deep chocolate brown, and if you don't get around to distressing the edges I think it looks great just the way it is!!

    But now about all the goodies you chose to put on it, all I can say is ADORABLE!!! lOVE EVERYTHING!
    Great Job Girl! A+++++++++++++!


  5. Love Love Love it!!!!! great job! it belongs in a magazine!

  6. Oh, it's gorgeous! Be sure to link on up to my Ready, Set, Vignette party tomorrow and show her off!

  7. I agree that black was the right choice - it looks lovely. The green on the shelves really stands out too.
    Lovely job!

  8. Your hutch looks wonderful! That black really sets off your beautiful green dishes and the other green and white elements. Great use of varying textures, too! You are going to have fun creating different displays on this lovely hutch!

  9. Hi Kim,
    Your hutch looks wonderful; love the glass handles and pulls! What a nice space for decorating. Happy Easter to you and your family!


  10. Wow Kim, you handle that paint sprayer so well, LOL! It looks great and I think the cabbabe leaf plates are perfect for Easter even if you don't make it up to the attic.

  11. That is absolutely gorgeous and I love those green plates. It is all so very pretty!

  12. Your hutch is absolutely perfect painted black. I love it. YOur display is beautiful. Of course I have drooled over ever one of your beautiful cloches and the way you have your displays inside. Just gorgeous. I hope you will show pics of these for the Spring Cloche Party on Friday. They are really beautiful. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  13. Kim, your hutch looks much as I love green, can't wait until it is time you get out your red will be absolutely stunning!
    I have a small hutch quite similar...seeing yours has almost given me incentive to get into the 21st century!
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Well, he/you did a spectacular job of painting! And those glass knobs are perfection! I've found that with my black bedroom set, I do have to dust more often. Oh well. Dust bunnies can be good for Easter too!

  15. You did just a fabulous job Kim! The decor is gorgeous and hubby did a wonderful job painting! I love those cabbage plates and they say Easter to me!

  16. Turned out fabulous. Just found your blog and so glad I did.

  17. It came out great! That's what you get for taking your time ;)

    The black really shows off the white dishes. Also, just think how great it will look with all your Halloween stuff! (I still remember all your fantastic Halloween posts)

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  18. It turned out very pretty...the black makes everything pop...tell hubby he did a great job!

  19. Hi KIm ~
    I still love the springy lazy...LOL !
    I just bought a hutch kinda like yours last Sunday (it will be black very very soon....LOL) I love all my black pieces but, sometimes they are a bear to photograph - you did a great job !
    Hugs and Happy Easter !

  20. I have some of those same dishes and still haven't pulled them out! Maybe they'll end up skipping a year. Your hutch looks lovely!

  21. The hutch looks fantastic in black, Kim! I love it! Love the hardware. I'm looking for glass knobs for my armoire that I just did in black. Yes, too bad that place isn't around anymore. Everything looks lovely!

  22. wow , thats one of the most amazing transformations of a furniture piece that I've seen. You all did such a great job on it and choose the perfect color to paint it.


  23. I love the transformation of your hutch! And with all of that gorgeous glass, touches of green and little eggs I think you have the perfect spring/Easter decoration already!

  24. The hutch looks gorgeous, Kim! Really shows off your beautiful Bordallo collection! You dressed it beautifully! Loving those glass knobs! Fabulous job!


  25. What a beautiful transformation!
    Thanks for sharing. I love your display too.
    Mary :o)

  26. I looove it painted, black works well and I like that it matches your table too! It was worth the wait! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  27. Very beautiful!!!
    The combos of green and black and white = yummy!
    My hutch is pine and now is a pale yellow. I think it needs to be black.
    Can I borrow you to paint and supervise?
    Glad to have stopped by your blog!
    It's just lovely!
    Blessings to your home from mine!

  28. WOW Kim, your hutch looks fabulous, love the black! And those green plates are wonderful!
    have a blessed Easter,

  29. It looks so much better! Great choice on the color and the display is fabulous!

  30. Beautiful job! So happy I got to see it from Beth's party.

    Happy Easter.

  31. Can't believe that is the same piece. It looks great in black.

  32. It looks wonderful! I love the green with the black! :o)

  33. Your hutch turned out beautiful, love the new look, what a great update...

  34. Great job on the hutch color and on the accessorizing. The plates really pop. Hope you'll come by Atticmag for our really useful giveaway. -- Jane F.

  35. Came over from My Romantic Home...your hutch is amazing! The black looks so classy and the glass pulls make it look gorgeous. Also, the green plates are beautiful against the black color! I think I'll look around your blog some more...

  36. That looks awesome! I love black furniture. And all of your cloche's/apothecary jars are so fun. I love what you filled them with! Great job.

    I would love for you to check out my site for a spring block giveaway! Have a great day!

  37. You and your hubby did a fabulous job! The glass pulls add a nice touch - and what a deal!

  38. it looks soooo much better! you really modernized the piece with the black paint and new hardware (which is awesome, by the way) and now your dishes just POP!

  39. What an amazing difference! I love the glass pulls!

  40. The black sets off your dishes beautifully and you have it styled so well. I'm not sure your hutch was mentioned in Revelation...hmmm... :)