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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Favorites-Spring decor 2009

For this week's Sunday Favorites I thought I would share last years Spring decor from my house. This originally posted on my family blog (before I had this one) on 3/18/09.

Rhoda was having a Spring Fluffing party. I don't think she had one this year.


This Friday is the first official day of Spring, but Spring has already sprung in my household. Well at least in my family room. And since Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is having a Spring Fluffing party, I had to join in. You know how I love a good party. So lets take a look around my room to see what we can find.

First off is my china hutch. Since I don't have a formal dining room, it is in my family room. My kitchen and family room are really one big room so I keep the hutch in here. As you can tell, I collect pitchers and creamers. I usually have my red/pink transferware plates on my hutch, but since it is spring, I put out my cabbage plates. I just got them at Ross. I love them!! And I know that I have too many "faux" flowers, but I love pink roses and I don't care. Oh and the green hydrangeas are fabulous too. So there!!!!
What says spring better than a birdie and a nest? Nothing!!!
I love pink & green together. So springy!
Doesn't everyone out in blogland have these cute birdie salt & pepper shakers from Target?
A little bit of spring on my trunk. This is hard to decorate on as the top is warped and nothing lies flat or even. I need to get a piece of glass cut to lay on top. I'm hoping that will make the surface a little more even for decorating. But until then, I work with what I have.
I filled up one jar with faux eggs from Ross, one with river stones from The Dollar Tree and finally a jar filled with faux greenery I had around.
This cloche is just a cheese dome I got at a thrift store for 50 cents. The bowl underneath, I can't remember where that came from. The plate I just got at Goodwill for 99 cents. The rocks are from The Dollar Tree. The bird nest is from my wedding 3 years ago that I made. The bird came from Walmart & the eggs were some clearance left overs from Easter a few years back that I painted.
Here is my mantel. My hubby got me the heart shaped ivy topiary for Valentine's Day. The planter it is in came from Ross. The bird came from ABC Distributing last year. The bunny is from Ross and the ball/fleur de lis topiary came from Ross as well. I got it on clearance for $3.00.
I'm totally into green for Spring.
I love this bunny. I'll put him in the yard after Spring/Easter.
This is the top of my TV armoire. The birdhouses are from my wedding. The Christ tile was a Christmas gift from my sister a year ago. It fits in no matter what the season. I just got the "faux" flowers from Michael's. Got to have more green.
And finally the top of my little cabinet. This is technically in my kitchen area, but since both are part of one room, I considered it part of my family room for this post. I filled the apothecary jar with faux eggs. The bird/terrarium cloche came from the Goodwill a few weeks back. I put another of my wedding bird nests under it. Can you have too many bird nests? I didn't think so.
I will be changing some of my Spring decor for Easter decor this weekend. I've already started in my kitchen & you can see those pictures here in my "What's on Your Wall Wednesday" post.

Thanks for taking a look at my Spring Fluffing and don't forgot to see all the other Spring Fluffing going on in blogland at Southern Hospitality. If you haven't already started your Spring Fluffing, it might just get you in the mood.
I hope that you enjoyed taking a look back at last years spring decor. This year I left out the pink and the flowers. If you missed this years, you can find it here and here. I never did decorate my mantel for spring this year. I decorated it for St Paddy's day instead.
This weekend my plans were to decorate for Easter, but I have another project that I'm doing instead. I'll give you a little hint. It is a project I've procrastinated for years. And I talked about the possibility of doing it in one of my posts this week.
I'll share more in a day or two. Until then, you will just have to wait.
Now hop on over to Chari's blog at Happy to Design to see this weeks participants in Sunday Favorites.


  1. I totally love the cabbage plates.

    And I want to slap myself in the head. I saw several cheese trays with domes at garage sales on Saturday and never thought about making them into a little cloche.

    I'll remember next time for sure, though.

    Thanks for the great tip!

  2. I'm with Jenny about the cabbage leaf plates! I keep seeing them on blogs here and there and I really love them, though I've never seen them in real life!

  3. Oh I do so love all of your decorations and your cloches and apothecary jars are always done so beautifully. I can't wait to see what you do for the "Spring Cloche Party" on Apr. 2nd. Your home and all of your accessories are always so beautiful. So what is the new project? Can't wait to see it. Hugs, Marty

  4. Hello Girlfriend...

    Ohhh...are you??? Are you working on what I think you're working on??? Hehe! I know what you're doing! Can't wait to see what color you have decided to use...white or black? Hehe!

    Well my friend, I really...really enjoyed taking a look back at your fabulous Spring decor from last year! I do remember seeing all of this pretty pink and green! I think it's gorgeous! I stand in awe of your creativity, Kim...this got an entirely different look for your Spring decor...using the white and green! I love it!!! Thank you so much for sharing all of your pretties with us today...such a sweet treat, my friend!!!

    Have a super Sunday!
    Chari @Happy To Design are you going to tell me if you decided on white or black for your weekend project? Or...are you going to make me wait? Hehe!

  5. Well hello there once again dear lady,

    My oh my, I simple cannot tell you just how much I love, love, loved; (really and truly); what you've posted for dear Chari's, 'Sunday Favorite's blog party meme this week!..,

    I was and am, 'beyond delighted' and so inspired!~ Thanks so much for sharing the re-post of these lovely pictures!

    Do pop over and visit me as well, where for this Sunday I have posted my blue and white dishes tablecscape vignette..,

    Also, this week is my 23rd, 'Tuesday Tea For Two', blog party meme, and you are most warmly invited to either partake and /or to visit for the occassion my dear!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  6. Your decorating and ideas are beautiful and amazing. I've seen that they sell great stuff at the $ stores and Target but you really have a way of making it look like it came from a store for a lot more. I wish I had more decorating talent. I see you use birds nests and eggs - I did a post today (for Sunday Favorites)on one I found last summer and Chari suggested a Cloche. Found at 2 different times and 2 different places and no longer used. After visiting you I think I'll use her idea.
    Now I'm curious about what your project is. LOL

  7. Kim, you always have such great ideas! Everything you do is so clever and pretty. laurie

  8. Hi Kim,

    It definitely says "SPRING" at your place! Pink and green really make a nice, fresh looking combination, and all your pieces are displayed beautifully. You really showed us some great bargains today. And you used them to create looks that seem to belong in a pricy decorator's shop!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Hi Girlfriend...

    Shoot...I really did intend on getting over to see you by's just been so crazy busy at my place with planning for our Vegas trip and family needs!

    You mentioned maybe coming to Vegas? Girl, I just wanted to say that you would never be a "third wheel" and you are certainly invited to join us!!! That would be awesome!!! If you think you can come...just let me know or just call the Orleans Hotel in Vegas...that's where we'll be staying! Lambert is the last you know! Hehe! I would just love to meet you!!! Anyway, just wanted to drop by and tell you that! We are leaving very early tomorrow morning...I'm still running like a "chicken with its head cut off" today...last minute things! Hehe!

    Well Darlin'...I'll talk with you later...

    Love ya,