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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

St Paddy's Day Tablescape

Edited 3/17/10: I am also linking this up to Welcome to my World's St Paddy's Day Blogging Carnival.

Welcome to another edition of Tablescape Thursday hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. This week my plan was to make up a new St Patrick's Day table. But I ran out of time. So I decided I would repost my last years tablescape. I know, I know, I'm a cheater. But you still love me. Don't you?

This originally posted on my family blog in March 2009.

My hubby wanted to know why I take the time to do a tablescape. I said because I have nothing better to do. He said, Oh yes you do, you could clean out the garage. I said that is no fun, but tablescaping is. Now ladies and gentlemen, what would you rather do? Tablescape or clean out the garage? I thought so. I rest my case. Too bad for hubby, the garage loses out. Can you tell I'm so upset that I can't clean out the garage? NOT!!!!

Let's forget about the garage & get back to what we all love doing, tablescaping. Well with St Patrick's Day coming up next week, I thought it would be a fun theme for this week. Normally I don't usually decorate for St Patrick's Day, but for some reason this year I am getting into it. It was all inspired when I was looking through some catalogs & came across the cutest little captured leprechaun. See photo below, isn't he adorable? I just had to have him. Unfortunately he was sold out. Sold out, how can that be? How am I going to decorate my table around something I can no longer purchase?

So I started my quest to find this leprechaun or something just as cute, or even cuter. I felt like I was looking for the holy grail. So I started my search on ebay. I didn't find this particular leprechaun, but I did find one even more spectacular. And better yet, it wasn't just one leprechaun, but two. A boy and a girl. I had hit pay dirt. I carefully watched the duo until the last day. I always wait to bid until the very last moment. I love the rush of bidding on something at the last second & hoping that I have bid high enough to win it. So I carefully typed in my maximum bid & waited until there was less than 10 seconds left & hit "place bid". Hit refresh & "hallelujah" the angels were singing as I won. I had to pay more than I would have liked, but I didn't care, as they were now mine.

But when they arrived at my house, they were so mischievous. They didn't want to stay put so I could show them off. What was I going to do? I had worked so hard to find them, I wanted to share them with all of you. So I got a brilliant plan. I would set a trap for them and capture them so all of you could enjoy them as well. So I put some coins in a glass along with a blarney stone that says "Welcome" and placed them on my little cake stand. And you know what? They fell for my trap. But I had to be real fast in order to capture them under the glass cloche. I am tickled pink (or green in this case) to show you my little treasures. So without further interruptions, I give you. Oh heavens, I forgot to give them names. I was so exited about capturing them & showing them to you, I completely forgot to name them. What names would you suggest? Let me know. Click on any photo to enlarge.
Here they are as the centerpiece of my tablescape. They know they are so cute, that is why they insisted on being the center of attention.
In honor of them, I decided I better set the table. I used some 3 leaf clover placemats and napkins that I purchased from Lillian Vernon catalog. The white plates are my Gibson everyday plates (my son just broke one of my plates this past week, boo hoo). The green cabbage plates I got at Ross on clearance a few weeks back. I figured since corned beef & cabbage was the normal St Patty's day dinner, why not use cabbage plates. I also bought some of the larger dinner plates, but I only have 3 (still need to find the 4th somewhere), so I used my white dinner plates instead. Plus I like the contrast. I placed a gold coin on each cabbage plate for luck.

My goblets are made by Libby & I purchased them at Walmart. They were pretty inexpensive, but I really like them. I did have to clean part of the garage in order to find them. My silverware is unknown make & pattern. They came from Marshall's on clearance. I threw away the box before making a note of who made them. I always get so excited with my purchases I forget details like that. Sorry!

I put the little leprechaun hats next to each plate. My original plan was to turn them into name cards for each setting, but I ran out of time. I still may before the 17th.
Here is one of the candles I put on the table. I love to buy old crystal bowls or vases & put candles in them. The candles on my table tonight are usually in my bathroom on the shelf above my bath tub. I thought this table could use a little candle light & I wanted something lower. I think this works.
Here is a close up of my little cutie pies. I think the boy is trying to flirt with me so I will let them out. Notice him winking? The girl is trying to blow kisses to get me to let her out. I'm not falling for their shenanigans. My blarney stone (well at least until the 17th). It came from the Dollar Tree.
I just knew they couldn't resist the stack of coins.
Isn't she just too precious?

Here is one final look at my table & the back side of my centerpiece.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm soooo happy I was able to catch these two little rascals to share in my tablescape. It would have been pretty boring this past week without them. Be sure to stop by Susan's blog to see what everyone else has to share. Be sure to leave me a comment on what I should name my two little leprechauns. You've got to help me out, I'm terrible at names. And they do need some names don't you think?


  1. Kim I just love all the wonderful ideas you have. I peaked in on your last years Halloween decorations and they were awesome. One of my favorite holidays to decorate for. Can't wait to show off my table next Halloween. ~~Ames

  2. Hi Kim,
    I thought I would be the only one clever enough to have lured a leprechaun with gold coins and trap him under a cloche... hmmm.

    He has been trapped there for days, but I just haven't gotten around to taking his picture. I will still try to post later today... but I guess you know how it is :0)

    Your table setting is great. You are always full of good ideas.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  3. This is great Kim! Lot's of fun ideas and the plates are too cute!

  4. Love your tablescape. Your cloche is gorgeous and so perfectly decorated for the occassion. Love those salad plates. They are wonderful. So pretty. Hugs, Marty

  5. Wish I'd found those cabbage plates before you did - love 'em! I did a St. Paddy's tablescape too - I've got the big cousin to your little leprechauns. You'll see what I mean if you stop by.


  6. What a wonderful St. Patrick's day setting. I love all the details and how they all relate back to St. Paddy's day.

  7. Just lovely. Perfect for a nice family Irish dinner.

  8. Hi Girlfriend...

    How are you doing, Darlin'? It's been a little while since we've visited! Hope my note finds you all well!

    Girl, I just adore your sweet little Irish leprechauns! They are absolutely precious! must have been the "luck of the Irish"! Hehe! Ohhh...they thought they were so clever...didn't they? Always eluding you...until you set that trap! Hehe! Don't let them out...whatever you do! They look to adorable under that cloche!!! Girlfriend, they look just like an Angus and Aileen to me! Sweet little Irish lad and lass names!

    Well my dear, you set a beautiful table around your newest Irish treasure find! I love the white with the green...and I love your cabbage plates! You know, I didn't think about it until you mentioned it but the Irish are really big on cabbage! You're sooo clever, Kim!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful St. Pat's Day table with us! Ohhh...I'm so sorry about your broken plate! You must buy another entire set now! wink!

    Girlfriend, I just giggled when I read about you cleaning out the garage! You know, when I first met Russell...I mentioned something about helping him clean out his shop/garage...and Girl, you should have seen the look on his was priceless!!! He turned white and stuttered! Seriously! I think the idea scared him to death! Hehe!

    Have a great day, Darlin'!
    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  9. What an adorable tablescape, Kim!

    I just love it all ~ In fact if I came, you wouldn't even have to feed me ~ just let me look at all the cuteness on the table!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  10. It's official. You're not just the Holiday Queen - you are the Tablescape Queen as well! Too cute! I think I'd name them Molly and Mangus McElf as they are most definitely a couple!
    Thanks for sharing your creepy critter horror story with me! Definitely had a chuckle but soooo feel your pain!

  11. What an adorable Irish table, Kim. I love those little people, cute, cute, cute.

  12. Love your table, Kim! I'm glad you shared it again because I hadn't seen it before and it's really nice! Have a great weekend!


  13. Very pretty Kim ! I love those cabbage plates ( I got some too !)

  14. How cute those leprechauns are! Your tablescape looks great! Look like Shannon and Danny to me! laurie

  15. Great blog!
    Si vous le souhaitez, de revenir et mine de visite:

    Pablo de l'Argentine

  16. Your table looks very festive. What a great idea using the cabbage plates for cabbage!! I am so looking forward to that traditional meal!

    Love your little leprechauns. They are so precious. Those, your clover placemats and your Blarney stone and you should have much luck!! ;-)


  17. Hi Kim,
    Just adorable! I laughed out loud when I got to the part about you having to clean part of the garage to find your glasses! I'm with you kid ... tablescaping vs. cleaning garages (or almost any household chore) ... NO contest!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  18. Giggles when writing this comment. Yeah! same here. I used to tell hubby that I will clean part of his garage. U know the reason why. Digging all huges boxes of glasses & kitchenwares §;-) isn't that funny?

    SOmetimes, TT blogging can be addicted, huh?

    Lovely settings and cuties collections.

  19. Great St. Paddy's table setting, Kim! Especially the cabbage plates. I think Seamus and Siobhan (my choice of names for your Irish lad and lassie) are a clever pair, but you outsmarted them, all the same. Hope you're doing okay. It's still winter here in the midwest, despite a few days of sunshine and warmer temps. It's back to rain for us now. I wish I was back in Cali. ~grin~
    hugs, Sue

  20. What a lovely tablescape! Happy St Patricks day to you!