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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let there be light! aka: Mantel Tweaking

I have a confession to make. I'm a tweaker. Not a drug tweaker, but a home decor tweaker. I can't let things be.

Exhibit number one: My Mantel

I decided it needed some lights. And the candles needed something.

I added these snowflake lights that I've had for probably about 20 years. And they still work.

Yesterday I saw what Beth over at Stories from A to Z did to the candles for her mantel. She added some bling. I saw it & went "My candles need some bling".

So that is what I did. I first added a strip of burlap & then attached some sparkly rhinestone snowflake pins for the bling.

Love it!!! Thanks Beth for the idea. Don't worry, I told her I was going to steal her idea. And she gave me the "thumbs up".

I am now much happier with my mantel.

Plus I had a chance to take photos with the candles all lit up.

I didn't have time to do that yesterday before posting my mantel for Layla's mantel party.

I'm such a procrastinator.

Too bad as I like my mantel better all lit up.

Can you believe I've had these snowflake lights for 20 years? I've only lost 1 snowflake in all that time. But then, I only had one child, who never got into anything. I never had to child proof my home. And he was 7 when I got these.

And quite a few of you told me that you love my book page wreath.

And asked if I made it. The answer is "yes".

I made it back in April. You can see how I did it here. Pretty easy.

I guess since I am almost out of photos. I better shut up.

I hope you didn't mind me stretching out my mantel photos for two days. But I had to share the changes. I can't help myself.

If you missed my first version, you can see it here. Pretty much the same, just minus the lights and the candle bling.

Now if you haven't already, be sure to hop on over to Layla's and check out all the other Christmas mantels. There are some really good ones.

I may just have to add my "revised" mantel to the list.


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  1. This is so pretty, Kim~ love the wreath in the frame~ the whole vignette looks magical! Hopped over from the Holiday Home party...

  2. My favorite mantel out of all I've seen. Are you adding faux snow tonight? A true tweaker can never stop tweaking. :) BTW, love those snowflake pins. Nice find along with the vintage lights. You are SO lucky your son didn't get into things. That is all my baby does all day, every day.

  3. Bling Bling love it! Very pretty.

  4. A tweaker you say. Hmmm, I think tweaking is a wonderful thing, didn't think you could improve on what you had but you did. The added bling and lights, magnificent. Must be a delight to be in that room.

  5. Thanks for letting the beauty that is you shine through your talented decorating. I especially LOVED the close up photo of the snowflake light. Anything that shine, glows, is sparkly, just gorgeous.

  6. You are the vignette and mantel Queen my dear! It looks gorgeous!!!