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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Favorite stores in Cave Creek Arizona

A few weeks back we were in Cave Creek Arizona on vacation. I've already shared with you one of my favorite places to shop there. It was called The Town Dump and you can find my post about it by clicking here.

Today I want to share 3 more shops that I loved. The first is called Valerie's Furniture & Accents. It is located in downtown Cave Creek. If you love western or cowboy furniture or decor, this is the place to go. Everything is on the pricey side, but most everything is in Cave Creek.
I want one of these windows in hang in my house.

And I would have loved to take home this faux fireplace mantel & mirror. I'll bet I could get hubby to make me one. If I only had someplace to put it. Maybe I'll have him make a larger version to go around the fireplace we do have. Now that's an idea. Oh hubby......

I love how this iron bed is painted red. Especially against the blue walls. I wish I were brave enough to go that bold with color in my house. I love the lamp on the left. And I love how they have rolled up an old blanket with a belt buckled around it.

And I love, love, love this couch. I love the combo of the leather with fabric. I love the leather on this couch. I think this couch was about $4000. Too rich for my blood. But a girl can dream. Needless to say, I didn't buy anything from this store. Let's move on to the next.

The next store is called The Lazy Lizard. They carry an eclectic collection of new & recycled home furnishings. They also do consignments. Here are some of my favorite items in this store.

Loved this hutch as it had hand painted roosters on the cabinet doors. I'm totally into black & white roosters right now. I wanted to take this home, but alas, it wouldn't fit in my car.

Loved this blue hutch as well. It wouldn't fit either. Dang it!

I thought this was a cool chandelier. Not very girly. But what man wouldn't want a chandelier like this?

Wouldn't this be a cool item for your house? I love it!!! Still wouldn't fit in car. I didn't buy anything in this store either. Everything I liked was too expensive and too big.

And the last store I want to show you is called Big Bronco Wild West Emporium. They specialize in new and vintage treasures in the spirit of the old west. This store is at the east end of town. But still on the main drag.

Isn't the front of this store just too cute?

This tee pee & horse weren't actually part of the store. They were out back next to a couple of smaller buildings that used to house other stores.

I loved these lunch pails (still too pricey for me). And I love the "Cowboys are like outhouses" sign. Too funny.

I loved this idea of wrapping barbed wire around a candle. Very rustic looking. Just don't get too close.

And I loved this light fixture. This would be cool to have at Halloween.

Here is my step son relaxing in one of the chairs. The men in my family loved this western furniture.
Hubby is enjoying some more of the furniture. He is really thinking "When will that woman ever get tired of shopping?". I didn't buy anything in this store either. Really not my style, but I would love to have a cabin in the mountains & decorate in this style someday. If only I would win the Lotto!!! Chances are slim to none since I don't play the Lotto.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my little tour of some of the stores in downtown Cave Creek Arizona. If you ever go to Phoenix or Scottsdale, be sure to take a side trip to Cave Creek. It's a cute little town & has some fabulous shopping. Even if you only go to look & don't buy anything because you are cheap like me.

I'm linking this to Three or more Tuesday hosted by Tam at The Gypsy's Corner. Better late than never I say.

Thanks for visiting & hopefully in the next day or so I will post about my favorite stores I found in Phoenix on my vacation. They were more my style. So stay tuned!!!



  1. Hi Kim,

    You have just shown some of my favorite shops. I live not too far away from them and love to drop in.

    The town dump is way too much fun.


  2. Not too far from me either, and what a fun place to just go and browse. They are pretty pricy though. I'm glad you had a good time. Hugs, Marty

  3. Neat shopping trip!
    We used to have stores here called The County Dump..
    I found some great bargains there, beautiful bedspreads from the Speigal Catalogue etc. But they went out of business..Always an adventure to go!

  4. I really enjoyed shopping with you, Kim! Thanks for allowing me to tag along. Some Saturdays, I hope you will link with Sightseeing Sat. and join me. You can copy the button from my sidebar to remind you...Christine

  5. The Town Dump is such a great name for a store!! I have never been to Arizona, but it might be worth the trip just to shop! Thanks for dropping by!

  6. bank account is lucky I live so far away from these places!!! I have already picked out several pieces...that leather sofa is the top of the list ...that I NEED!

  7. I would like to shop there for sure. I would go nuts. Next time rent a truck so you can fit it all in there.

  8. I like shopping this least my money stays in my purse!
    I love the photo of hubby...he really does have "that look" on his face, (chuckle) and your comment about the Lotto sound just like something I say every now and then.
    Great post Kim!

  9. Love your shopping tour...
    and go ahead and try some brilliant, out-there colors in your home! The good thing about paint is that you can always change it if you don't like it. It's like a bad haircut -- it's not permanent; it always grows out!
    Go ahead, get wild. (Just remember to blog about it and take lots of pictures.)

  10. Yes, Definitely better late than never.

    Looks like a fun trip.
    Love those two roosters (or were they chickens?) on the cupboard, and love that old shabby huge cupboard.

    thanks for joining in on Three or More Tuesday.

    Barbara Jean

  11. Hey Kim,
    What great treasures on a fun trip! I'd love to go hunting there! Love the roosters, the old cupboard and yes, that mantle and mirror! Stop on by by, won't you? Would love a visit from you!


  12. Hey Girlfriend...

    Just read your sweet happy to see you today! Girlfriend, you have so many interesting and unique stores near you...I just love it but at the same time...I'm so envious! Hehe! I know...not really my style either but I would love to have a little cabin (or a big cabin) in the mountains done with that kind of decor!!! My sis lives in the hill country in Texas...they just built them a cabin/house and she does that kind of decor! She would go nuts in those stores! Hehe! Don't you just love that candle with the barbed wire idea...that's cool! I think that could fit in with some Halloween decor...don't you! Would be so easy to do too!!! I never decorate for Halloween though...I like doing the autumn decor better! Loved that big window and Girl, you're could do so much with it at your place!!! Oooh...and I love that little fireplace mantel...Pleassssse honey...pleasssseee make me one! Hehe!!! So sweet!!! Thanks for taking me window shopping with you today...even though the western style isn't for me...I still really enjoy looking at that type of decor!!!

    Have a great day, Sweetie!
    Love ya,

  13. Kim, my husband would think he had died and gone to heaven if we were in those stores with all of that western decor! (I dream of having a cabin somewhere too - mainly just so I'd have another place to decorate in a fun style!!!). Love that little fireplace, and that cute cabinet with the roosters on the doors. Thanks for the tour. laurie