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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall decor-The finale

Today is the first of October and Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality is hosting a blog party. It's called "It's Fall Y'all!" Don't you just love that? I know I do.

Now as some of you know, I've already posted twice with some of my fall decor. And yes, I did link those posts up to Rhoda's party as well. Or you can find part 1 here. And part 2 here. But I wanted to finish showing you my fall decor. Only because it is now time to decorate for Halloween. Yippee!!!

So before I change everything around for Halloween, I thought I'd show you the rest of my fall decor in my family room. We'll start with the top of my white trunk. I love this trunk!!! It stores blankets that I might need if anyone ever comes & stays with us. Or if it ever decides to snow in southern California. I'm betting on the company over the snow. But you never know!!!

As much as I love this trunk, it's hard to decorate the top as the top is all uneven. So I have to work around that. You can read more about my 3 tier cake stand in my part 2 post here. The twig pumpkin came from Target's Dollar Spot, but it was $2.50. The wooden charger holding the faux pumpkins & gourds came from Walmart for $3.00. I had planned on doing a fall tablescape using my new fall chargers, but I was too lazy. Maybe I'll get one done in time for Thanksgiving. The faux pumpkins & gourds on the charger came either from Dollar Tree or Walmart. The brown acorn is actually a candle & came from Kohl's for 50% off plus additional 20% off. The leaf candle holder on the right also came from Kohl's for the same percentage off. The candle came from Target last year or maybe Kohl's on clearance. The other items aren't fall but if you want to know about them. My SIL made me the Forever sign on the easel. The easel came from Dollar Tree. And the Families are Forever sign in the front came from Deseret Book on clearance in the spring. My Eiffel Tower lamp was a thrift store find a few years back.

Next is my hutch. Nope, I still haven't painted it. Remember, I am the procrastination queen. Plus it's not good to paint in 100 plus temps. OK, so yesterday it was in the 70's, but I was at work. And now it's Santa Ana wind season. I'm good at coming up with excuses, aren't I?

I just did subtle changes to give it a fall touch. Added rice & beans to my vintage blue canning jars.

Placed my "Welcome to our home" sign on the top shelf. Added a couple of faux glitter pumpkins from the 99 cent only store between my white pitcher collection. On the 2nd shelf I added a couple of brown transferware plates & a cream star.

And a cloche covering some of my vintage bottles.
I love this look!The bottom has my tarnished tea set. I love to leave it tarnished this time of year. I usually polish it up for Thanksgiving & Christmas. The tea set & tray came from a thrift store for $35.00. I've added another brown transferware plate. These came from Marshall's a couple of years ago. I think the plates were like $3bucks each. The cake plate is just one I've made. It is made with a plate with pink roses, so this time of year I just add on top a plain white plate. I have my green balls from spring/summer resting on the plate along with some faux acorns (I don't have an oak tree close to me) and one of my flower frogs. The count your blessings sign came from Deseret Book on clearance in the spring for like $2 bucks.
Here is my centerpiece for my dining table in my breakfast area. The toile table topper came from the thrift store. The candelabra came from the thrift store. It was silver, I painted it white, distressed it & added the faux crystal prisms & garland. The candles came from Walmart.

The silver tray, is thrift store. The pumpkins & pumpkin scatters came from Dollar Tree. The faux acorns came from Tai Pan Trading. I really need to get back to that store.
And finally we have a little sneak peek at Halloween. I just made the Halloween blocks at my SIL's house this past weekend. You can read about it here. They probably won't stay here, but for now, they will do. This is the little end table to the right of my family room couch. The ghost jar came from Dollar Tree. The lamp & the book it is sitting on came from two different thrift stores.
As you can probably tell, I don't like to spend a lot decorating. But I love to decorate. And I'm happy with the way things turned out. But now it's time to move on to Halloween. I guess I will now have to venture up into my attic to get down my Halloween decorations. Anyone want to help? You would all be running the other way if you saw how my garage & attic look. SCARY!!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my 3 posts on my fall decor. It's finally starting to feel like fall here in southern California. As I mentioned, yesterday it was in the 70's here in the Inland Empire. But today it's suppose to go back up to the 90's. Oh well, it was nice to feel like it was fall for one day.

I'm now off to see what the rest of you have done. I can't wait. I love getting new decorating ideas.



  1. Hi Kim, OK, I'm just lovin' all your white pitchers. Did you say you were leaving on vacation and won't be home for awhile, or that maybe you were expecting company? Hmmm... love to get my hands on those! LOL! You've got some great touches including my also favorite brown transferware. I saw your really cute little EEK blocks too, love 'em!

  2. Hey Girlfriend...

    Had to come by and see your autumn finale!!! Ohhh...I do love your beautiful home! I love how you decorated the top of the white trunk...a beautiful autumn vignette! Oh yes, and I love that 3 tiered stand as well! Girl, I was wondering when I would see your pretty hutch all decked out for fall! You always do so many pretty seasonal things with your hutch! Love the pretty sign that you added to the top shelf and ohhh, adding the beautiful brown perfect for fall! Love your pretty colored canning jars...perfect filled up with beans, etc! friend, you know that I just adore your that beautiful's gorgeous! I'm still keeping my eyes out for one! I think they make such a pretty table centerpiece!!!!

    I can tell you're just "itchin'" to get to the halloween decor! Hehe! I never decorate for halloween...just to the autumn thing! Sheeshh...when you think about won't be that long till Christmas! Hehe! Well darlin'...thanks so much for sharing the rest of your fall pretties...what a treat!!!

    Love ya,

  3. You have done such a wonderful job with all of your decorations. I love how you have spread things all over the house. Your hutch looks really pretty with the sign and the 2 little glitter pumpkins. I really like the charger with the twig pumpkin vignette that you have created too. It is all so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  4. Kim,
    You have done a wonderful job decorating for Fall. I love what you did with your blue jars putting the rice and beans in them.
    I have several but I have never thought about doing anything like that with them. Thanks for all the great ideals and information.

  5. Kim, I love your hutch w/ the transferware & the ironstone & the old bottle under the cloceh is a great idea.

    And I adore your table centerpiece w/ the toile, teh silver tray, candelabra & fall doo-dads...tres chic!

  6. Your transferware and ironstone collections are beautiful. You've been busy - I need to go see the earlier posts too.

    Thank you for stopping by AtticMag. I appreciate the sweet comment.

  7. All of your fall vignettes and decor is amazing! I really love what you did with white candelabra! ~Rhonda

  8. Everything looks great. It would be hard to pick a favorite.
    Thanks for visiting. Yes, he told, but no one was here to hear him at the time. :-)

  9. Oh Kim! Love so much of what you've done! Creative! I've already got my jars/vintage canning lids out and all the dried legumes from the pantry(popcorn too). Whee! I know what you mean about painting the one here waitin' in the wings too! Hugs. Cindy

  10. Hi Kim, so nice to see a Ca. girl on board, love your blog and all of the autumn things that make it so warm and cozy (hard to do when it is so hot) Your right now the wind making a mess and I have to go out and clean up. I think the hutch is great painted or not..I am a new follower of yours...thanks for sharing...come visit..Phyllis

  11. You are really into the swing of things with all your great Fall decorating ideas. How do you find the time??
    a bientot

  12. Hi Kim!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment! I signed up as a follower and would love it if you did the same!

  13. ooooohh -- so many wonderful things to look at & I LOVE how you've gotten so many great things thriftily!

  14. Love the Dollar Tree type stores. I too do frugal holiday decorating! Love your beans and rice in the old jars. And wow what a find on the Eiffel tower lamp!

  15. I love your cloche over the glass bottles. That is very unique! Great Job. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  16. Kim it all looks great! I love your pitcher collection and LOVE the candelabra!


  17. Hi Kim!

    What a great job you do with your decorating - and so thriftily too!

    I love the white pieces, they look gorgeous. Wonderful job on the candelabra too!

    Also love the toile shade on the lamp, very pretty! It's great to decorate with the seasons and for special occasions isn't it... we can have so much fun within our own homes!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    Linda. x :)

  18. Kim, love your white pitchers in the little hutch. I have a collection of them, too! I also have dozens of those little metal jello molds but had never thought to use them as candy holders. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Hello Kim - oh I'm having so much fun seeing all the Fall morphing around your house! Love how you've arranged everything on your hutch. And you are a lucky girl to have found that fabulous candelabra! Love it. Those bottles in the cloche are so pretty!


  20. Kim, your decorating is so fun, and there's allot but jest simple. I like that. This is Cindy@stitches, I need your address.

    are those white pictures milk glass?