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Monday, December 7, 2009

And the winner is...........

It's time to announce the winner of my first giveaway.

In case you forgot what you could have won:

Does that jog your memory?

Since I am an old fashion sort of girl, I decided to do this the old fashion way. I printed out all the comments. Cut them all apart (with the help of a paper cutter). I then folded them & put them in this huge tin Christmas cup.
Was your name in here?
Hurry up Kim, the suspense is killing me. Ok, Ok, pipe down. I got my handsome son to draw a slip of paper from the cup.
He mixed the names all around & then picked one out. Is it your name?
Well if your name is Jane, you better get excited.

But only if you are Jane from Mamie Janes's. And if you are Jane from Mamie Jane's, congrats!!! You are my giveaway winner. I will send Jane an email with the good news. And if you have never been to Mamie Jane's, you must do so. She comes up with the most fabulous ideas.

To the rest of you that entered, thank you very much for commenting and/or becoming a follower. I really appreciate the time you take to look at my little blog. I know how many wonderful blogs are out there in blogland, so I really do appreciate you commenting on mine. I just wish I could give all of you a prize, but unfortunately I am poor so I can't. Just know that it means a lot to me getting to know so many wonderful bloggers. Thanks!!!



  1. Kim:
    I'm sure Jane is going to be doing a happy dance. What a wonderful giveaway you offered. She'll be tickled to have won.

    Congratulations, Jane...and I'll be back, Kim, for your next post!

    Merry Christmas,

  2. Donna was right....I WAS doing a crazy happy dance!!! I'm so excited. I saw Jane on the slip of paper and I thought "is it me" and yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus!! Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts, this has totally made my Monday!!

  3. Congrats Jane...soooo happy that you won!!! This was an awesome giveaway Kim.


  4. Congratulations to Jane! What fun! Thanks for letting us all "play"

  5. Lucky girl! (You just had to taunt us with the goodies, didn't you, Kim?) I was just over visiting her yesterday for the first time. I know she'll love the gifts.

  6. Yea for Mamie JAne!!!

    I smile every time I see your picture with your crown on!


  7. Congratulations to Jane! I'm sure she's going to enjoy all those lovelies!