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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Deck the Halls with Christmas Joy

Three days till Christmas & counting. I'm doing better than yesterday in regards to Christmas. I managed to get all my Christmas shopping done last night. Whew! What a relief.

Tonight my goal is getting my home made Christmas gifts done. Luckily I have most of it done. I just have to do the finishing up. And I need to put my Christmas ornament boxes back up in the attic. I'll get my sons to help me with that one. If all goes well, I might try & put together another tablescape for my family room table. But it's a huge mess right now, so don't count on it.

Today I thought I would share a couple of craft projects that I did with my SIL. As well as show you my living room decor.

Aren't these JOY blocks just too cute? This was one my craft projects with SIL. She has a friend who sells kits to make cute blocks. Everything you see here to make these blocks was included in the kit. Except for the paint and the Mod Podge. That my SIL provided. Everything else, came in the kit. It was so easy & lots of fun making these blocks. They bring such "JOY" to me. Pun intended.
I placed the "JOY" blocks on top of the mirror that hangs above my buffet in our living room. The jingle bell felt garland was a new purchase from Kohl's this year. I originally bought 3 sets. I used one here & the other two on my tree. I picked up 3 more sets this weekend, on 65% off clearance, plus I had an additional 30% off coupon. Woo hoo!!!

The 3 bowls on my buffet are Lenox. My hubby collects them. I wrote about them once on my family blog (before I had this decorating one). If interested, you can read more about each one here. I filled each with silver & gold ball ornaments.
The largest bowl is called Four seasons and I have filled it with vintage looking mercury glass ornaments. I picked up the round ones last year while in Arizona on vacation. I got them for 90% off. I think I paid about $1.50 an ornament. They are big & heavy.
I love them!!!
To the right of the buffet sits a small table by the window. Sorry that this is not a very good photo. I placed my house shaped cloche over a small nest with a blown glass bird. I also placed a glittery house ornament that I picked up at Walmart, and a glittery tree ornament picked up at Kohl's. I wish I got a close up photo, or at least a better photo. But for some reason I only took 1 photo. And I'm not at home now to take a better one. The silver candle holder with the deer came from Joann Fabric years ago. The little Christmas tree I've had forever.

To the left of my buffet is our 120 year old pump organ. This was hubby's. This was the one piece of furniture that hubby & his exwife fought over the most. And neither could play it. But I can. Well, if I practiced. I placed a small alpine tree and my angel tree topper on the organ. On top of the clock I placed a reindeer stuffed animal.
On my little tree I placed crystal angel ornaments. I even have one as a tree topper on this small tree. I also placed "Christmasy" glitter words. These were small ornaments that came from Walmart this year. I've placed even more since this photo was taken.

The angel tree topper should be on my tree. But I was too lazy to put her there. I've had her for about 20 years.
This dining table is in my living room. I have it all decked out for Christmas. If you want to see more of my Christmas tablescape you can click here.

To the left of my couch is another small table. I placed a faux Christmas tree in an urn. The tree usually lights up, but won't this year. I haven't had hubby look at it yet to see what is wrong. The angel came from Terry's Village catalog a few years back. But they had them this year as well. I picked up the sleigh from Goodwill earlier in the year. The jingle bells were from Target this year. And the little metal train is an ornament.

And here is my Christmas tree in my living room. If you want to read more about my tree, you can click here.

Well that pretty much sums up my living room decor. I forgot to take photos of my coffee table. I might do that tonight & post tomorrow. I mostly have candles on it.

We also have a huge entertainment center that takes up almost an entire wall. It houses our TV, has a desk area & lots of storage. But since it has most of my hubby's collections, I don't add anything much for Christmas. So I didn't take any photos of that as well.

I do want to show you a couple of more things in my family room. They are new since I last posted about my family room decor. If you want to read about my family room decor, you can click here.

Did you remember that I started out this post by mentioning that I did 2 craft projects with my SIL? If so, then you are probably wondering where is my 2nd project. Well here it is.
It's a cute Ho Ho Ho block with a Santa boot ice skate on top. I have it sitting on the secretary in my kitchen. I don't like this as much as the JOY blocks. Not sure why. I think I like the colors better in the JOY blocks. This was another kit my SIL's friend sells. We had to paint the block black. Mod Podge the paper. Stick the crystal Ho Ho Ho's on red paper, then glue to green paper, then glue to block. The black Ho Ho Ho is vinyl letters.
Isn't the Santa boot ice skate cute? The ice skate part says Ho Ho Ho. I added the rusty bell. And we had to tie the ribbon on the top. I was suppose to trim up the ribbon, but I forgot. Still need to do that. And we were suppose to glue the skate to the block. But I didn't. That way I could use them separately if I wanted.
As you can see, it was a little hard keeping my crystal letters straight.

The final thing I want to share today is YUMMY!!!

Do you like ribbon candy? This is one of my hubby's favorite candies at Christmas.
I got my ribbon candy at Walmart. It was $2.00 and you only get 8 pieces. But doesn't it look good in the candy dish in my kitchen? I have a feeling it isn't going to last long.

And there you have my living room Christmas decor with a few extras thrown in. Tomorrow I will hopefully post my work office Christmas decor. And hopefully I will be able to report that my home made gift projects are completed and that my boxes are back in the attic. Truth be told, I'll be happy if either of these gets done tonight. But I will be over the moon if both get done. So be sure to check back tomorrow to see how I did.


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  1. Wow! So much eye candy! Love the ribbon. Every year I say I'm going to buy some and every year I totally forget LOL! Love the JOY block letter too. How neat that they come in a kit - what could be easier to do than that? And they're cute!

    Everything looks so cute and festive!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  2. It all looks lovely Kim. I especially love the bowls with the silver and gold ornaments.

    I really dislike carrying my empty bins back uspstaris to the attic. I usually find a place on the porch to stash them untill Christmas is over.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi kim,
    Great job! It all looks lovely-I especially love the bowl with the mercury ornaments.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family,


  4. Everything looks great. I love the mercury ornaments.
    Have a Merry Christmas. --Delores

  5. I should have gotten ribbon candy! Haven't had any in years. And I loved it as a kid. Your projects are beautiful!

  6. I love your stuff! Plus, I got a great idea about this garland that I have. Actually, it's from my husband's first wife (she bought it for me at an auction for a pitance, knows that I like vintage Christmas). It's like a long silver string with little mercury christmas ornaments on it! Excellent, going to hang it above the buffet next yr. across a mirror.Merry Christmas.

  7. great decor and wtg on the super deals on the jingle bell garlands :D

  8. I have been so busy for Christmas that I'm finally catching up with the blog participants! I LOVE your decor! Gorgeous! I especially love your tablescape and the JOY blocks. Happy New Year to you!