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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree-The finale!

And I am done!!! With the Christmas trees, that is. This year I decorated 2 large trees and 2 small trees. The most ever!!! At least for me.

This is my favorite tree. Because it's my girly tree. My hubby hates it. Well, he doesn't hate it, he just thinks I have too much stuff on it. How can you have too much stuff on a Christmas tree?

Before we start, I thought you might enjoy a before photo of the tree. It is a skinny tree & is 7 feet tall. I got it at Big Lots a few years back for $20.00. It's amazing what some ornaments and some bling can do for an ugly plain tree.

After the transformation. Isn't she beautiful? This tree is located in our family room. Which is more my taste & decor. Therefore, the girly tree. You see, I am the only girl in my family. So I treasure my girly tree. It's mine, all mine. I don't have to share with anyone else in my family. Except for placing gifts under the tree. And on Christmas morning when we open said gifts. But except for those few minor exceptions, this tree is all mine.

Do you want to see some of the ornaments close up? You know you do. So sit back & enjoy. Let me know what is your favorite. I really can't pick a favorite. I love them all. But I will share with you the ones that are more favorite.

This is a Hallmark ornament given to me by a friend last Christmas. It sits on top of a light. It fits me perfectly. Not that I sit on top of a light, that would hurt, not to mention be a little hot. She is just so sweet, just like me. Ask my hubby. Um, maybe you better not.

I got 3 chenille snowflakes from online last year. The angel ornament I love because it looks Victorian. I can't remember where she came from. I have 2 of them.

I love sparkly and glittery!!! This ornament came from Kohl's, this year.

I've had this unicorn ornament since the 1970's sometime. Did you grow up during the 70's? Did you love unicorns as much as me? I was obsessed with them. I still like them. My mom gave me this ornament.

I just adore vintage looking Santa's. Especially if they are wearing winter white. I got this ornament a couple years ago, but don't remember where. I also have 3 different vintage looking window ornaments that I've had for years. You can see one of them behind Santa.

I got this glittery post card ornament from Kohl's this year. I love that it has a birdie, is glittery & vintage looking. Three pluses in my book. This would be real easy to make, I just didn't want to take the time. I'm basically lazy. And I know myself all too well. I'd never do it, or if I did, it would get done about 2am on Christmas morning.

This ornament came from Tender Heart Treasures a few years back. I love anything that looks Victorian, so I had to get them. These ornaments would also be easy to make.

And as you can tell from the name of my blog. I love stars. I love this one because it is tin.

I love the color of this green star. I picked up a set of four at Dollar Tree this year. Can't beat 25 cents an ornament. And they have glitter!!! I have three of the tin doves. They are almost like little baskets. I got them years ago from Tender Heart Treasures. Or it may have been when they had A Special Place catalog. I miss that catalog.

My son was obsessed with insects growing up. So I was always buying ornaments that were insects. Butterflies have to be the prettiest of the insects.

I love angels and cherubs as well. And glass ornaments. Most of my glass ornaments are on my family tree in the living room. I keep a couple on this tree though. Because they are so girly.

Here is another glass ornament that I keep on this tree. And my letter "K" for Kim. I gave everyone in my family these pearl initial ornaments a few years back. I keep all of them on this tree. The boys in my family were not too thrilled with them. But I love them.

This is a Wendy Addison Eiffel Tower ornament that I got last year. It's Frenchy and glittery. Doubly good!!!
This ornament I picked up at a thrift store. In fact, I found two of them, at different times, at different thrift stores. I love it!!!

I bought this spider web ornament for my bug obsessed son back in the 80's. It sparkles with iridescent glitter. Maybe I should throw some iridescent glitter on the real spider webs in my house. Then they would be in the holiday spirit.

My tree topper is a glittery star I picked up at Dollar Tree this year.

I have quite a few bird house ornaments & birdies on my tree.

Love this snowman ornament. And the church birdhouse.

This white dove has been on my Christmas tree every year for the past 25 years. It's missing it's beak, but I still love it.

I love this ornament as it is not only an angel, but looks like a sugar cookie. Just don't eat it!!! You'd break a tooth.

Now for some random shots of my ornaments.

Tree with lights off

Tree with lights on. When we first put up the tree, it wouldn't light up in 2 sections. We went to the store & got one of those light tester/fixers. You know, the new one they have been advertising on TV? I forget what it is called, but it's shaped like a gun. Anyways, that thing worked great. It fixed the problem in 2 seconds flat. And now all the lights work.

I hope that you have enjoyed my girly tree. I just love to sit and look at it while listening to Christmas music. At least I have a few weeks left to enjoy it. I never take down my Christmas tree or decorations until after the first of the year. That is why all my trees are fake. A real Christmas tree usually dries out before Christmas here in southern California. How long do you leave your tree up?

If you missed my post about my other Christmas trees, you can view it by clicking here. And if you missed my Christmas decor you can click here.

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  1. Eeeeeeee.....did you hear that all the way in California? That was my girly scream for your girly tree. it's gorgeous!
    What a great idea!
    Beautiful (and I think I have the same Dollar Tree star, only in a rusty finish!).

    We keep our trees, both fake and fresh, up and decorated until January 6th, Epiphany, the last day of Christmas. That was my family's tradition, so I continue it.

    We get the freshest trees we can find, and keep them well watered. So far, so good!

    Howard says if I had only fake trees, I'd have them up till Groundhog day. He may be right.


  2. Hey Kim~
    Love the girly tree. A definite must in a household full of males!
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Love all your ornaments!! They are amazing!! I do so hope you enjoy your trees!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. Kim, your girly tree is full of glitz. It sparkles from tip to tip, and I can see why it makes you so happy. Thank you for showing us some of your ornaments up close. I adore seeing ornaments that others have found. I one of those who has to study a tree when I visit others during the holidays. Everyone has such different ornaments on their trees. Isn't it amazing?
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  5. Kim, Your girly tree is just the best amount of frou frou ever! We all deserve our own tree to keep us happy- unfortunately, mine didn't get put up this year. I've decided that it will be the first one I do next year. Everything on that tree is just sparkly and pretty. So many different ones.... Love it all.
    Merry Merry! Sue

  6. Beautiful tree Kim, every girl deserves their own special tree decorated the way she likes it.

  7. Um, okaaaaay, how in the world could I pick a favorite on that freaking awesome tree??? Hmmmmmm. Love that vintage glitter one, the chenille star, the tin star, the eifel tower....pretty much all of them were unique and gorgeous! Lucky you, with your own girlie tree and all!

  8. Hi Kim:
    I think I like the white pinecone and the sugar cookie angel the best. What a lovely tree. I really think it's beautiful.

  9. Ooooh...♥♥♥ your girly tree, it is beautiful. The butterfly and the white Santa are my favorites. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I like alot of your ornaments. The big butterfly, the tin star is my fave, the 2nd Santa, the angel you didn't show a close up of, the Hallmark ornie, the snowbaby, and the DT star at the top...all gorgeous. Makes me want a white tree, so thanks for that! LOL! I just need one more tree...

  11. Oh, and LOVE the postcard w/ the bird & the star from Kohl's too!

  12. Hi Kim !
    Love that girly tree ! Poor hubby...maybe you need to get him a manly tree and hang manly things on it...remote controls, beer cans, fishing poles, tools, beef jerkey, hunting gear - the orange stuff, footballs....the list goes on and on...those men :o)

  13. Hi Kim,
    This is probably the prettiest tree I have seen this year. The ornaments are amazing, the eiffel tower has to my personal favourite. My little white tree is looking decidely bare after seeing yours.
    Note to self: Must try harder.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  14. gorgeous and girly and fantastic :D

  15. I just love a tree drenched in ornaments! You can't have enough ornaments if you ask me!
    Christmas Hugs,

  16. I love your glittery, gorgeous, girly tree! So beautiful. I think the Eiffel Tower ornaments were my favorite. Have a Merry Christmas.

  17. Simply Divine!
    Happy Holidays!
    Sandra Evertson

  18. That is so pretty Kim! I love all your ornaments and how you decorated this tree~ I think I need a girly tree too! Cindy

  19. Love your girly tree and all the little ornaments. All your decorations look great. Thanks for sharing all your great ideals. thanks for stopping by. Merry Christmas.

  20. I have that exact same unicorn ornament I got as a child. My mom got it for me in my unicorn phase as well. Mine has a date on it, but I'm work or I'd date us both. :) Lovely tree - Merry Christmas. Cheryl - The Vintage Workshop Blogger

  21. Wow! What a wonderful post. I have just felt so honoured being allowed into your home this Christmas to view your Christmas Decorations! Aren't we lucky to have that opportunity without even getting on an aeroplane! (Which I have never done anyway!). I have just been amazed at the amount of decorations you have used.It must have taken you ages to decorate your home.
    Thanks so much for sharing, it truly is most wonderful.
    May I wish you seasonal greetings from the UK!
    Hugs and Love To you and your family
    Sue x

  22. What an amazing transformation!!!

  23. It's all so very lovely. Quite Victorian. I truly enjoyed the 'before' and after photos.

    My Show n Tell is a gift to me from years ago...ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD ON HIGH

  24. I love your tree it looks all glittery and sparkly like mine. $20 what a steal and the tree is just the kind I like. Thin with lots of room between the branches to hang goodies.

  25. What a wonderful job you've done. It looks gorgeous with all it's lights and sparkles.

  26. I don't have a blog but I really enjoy seeing what you creative gals do. I think your girly tree is perfect! Thanks for sharing. Suzy

  27. Wow! I completely agree with you. Your tree is SO girly and pretty that it would be hard to pick a favorite ornament, but......I have to say that the first one with the angel leaning over the candle and the butterfly are my favorites. The tree is GORGEOUS! I'm the only lady in my home too, so I got a little pink tree for me last year. Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays from one girly girl to another

  28. Such loveliness has me swooning with happy sighs.

  29. Oh it is so pretty. Love all of those wonderful girly ornaments on it! laurie

  30. Your tree is lovely! Lots of pretty ideas! Thanks for sharing!


  31. I love it all. I think you will like my post tonight.


  32. Your tree is so glittery and magical..the ornaments are all different and yet compliment each other. You truely have an eye for design. Have to say my FAV is the vintage looking postcard from Kohl's. Thanks for sharing, and you want to know a little secret? Bet your Hubby is proud of your efforts.
    Merry Christmas from Texas