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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I still BELIEVE, even at work

Only two days till Christmas! It's coming fast. Are you ready? I'm slowly getting ready, but it may take a miracle. But I do believe in miracles. I know it wouldn't actually be a miracle miracle. But if you knew me, you'd say it would be a miracle if I am completely ready for Christmas by Friday morning.

Let's see, yesterday I told you my goals for last night were to finish up my home made gifts, put away the rest of my Christmas boxes & maybe, just maybe do my tablescape for my family room table.

So now it's time to be accountable. Kim, did you accomplish everything you set out to do? Well, hum (I'm stalling for time here). I actually got none of the above done last night. You see I worked all day and when I got home, hubby & son were using the computer to look for trucks on Craigslist so I couldn't print out my photos for my home made gifts. And then I sat down to watch a little TV (big mistake) and I fell asleep. So nothing got done last night. But I had a good nap.

But to make up for last night. I did get up a little early this morning & I managed to get all my Christmas boxes back up into the attic. All by my self. And since no one was using the computer this morning, I was able to print out my photos for my home made gifts. I just didn't get the gifts finished. And I cleared off 2 things from my table. So now I only need to clear off about 100 more things in order to do my tablescape. But I'm getting there.

Now that I have been accountable for my laziness, I will share some more Christmas decor with you. This is my office at work.
I have my own stocking with my own name. Imagine that!!! One of the girls in the office made these stockings for everyone the first year I started.

I not only have one stocking, I have two. This stocking is more my style. I bought it off ebay a few years back. Do you think Santa will leave me goodies in both stockings? I do believe, I do believe, I do believe!!!

My gingerbread couple. They came from ABC Distributing catalog, many a moon ago.

They each play a Christmas carol if you press their hand. But it's obnoxious.

I guess I could take off the "Press Here" stickers. Especially since I really don't want to hear the music.

I've had this fake tree for a long long time. I like that it has a burlap bag around the bottom.
I love that Santa is wearing snowman slippers.

I love this sweet little sleeping bear. He plays some obnoxious music as well.

In this corner I have another Christmas tree. This is the only thing I bought new this year for my office. I also string Christmas lights up all around my office.
Every year I try & get a Victorian calender. I still haven't purchased one for 2010. I better go find one.

I can't remember where I got the tree. I know it was from online. Not sure if it was ABC Distributing or Oriental Trading Co. One of the two. The ornaments came from Target dollar spot a few years back.

I love this believe cup. It's huge. I think I got it from Tender Heart Treasures catalog a long time ago, on clearance. It sits on top of my bookcase the rest of the year.
I love these Santa babushka dolls. I can't remember where I got them. Probably ABC Distributing catalog. My workmates grandson loves playing with these when he comes to visit. She found him some snowman ones this year to give him for Christmas. The stuffed animals in this photo actually belong to my workmate. She collects beany babies & puts them all around the office.
Even the lamp on my desk gets a little Christmas spirit.

This Eiffel Tower ornament actually hangs here all year round.

As you can see, I like to decorate for Christmas, even at work. Do you decorate at work?

I hope that when I get home from work today, I feel like doing things at home. Tonight my goal is to finish up my homemade gifts and bake some cookies. And if I'm going to do a tablescape for Tablescape Thursday tomorrow, I better get it done tonight.

Luckily tomorrow we only have to work until noon. So that will give me extra time to wrap all my presents & finish up anything I didn't get done. But I could actually use an extra day or two. Who am I kidding. I would still not get everything done until the last minute. That's just who I am. I hope that you are doing better than me in being prepared for Christmas.

Tomorrow I will report back on my progress. Since time is running out quickly, I'm hoping that I can put it into overdrive & not burn out. Take care & I'll see you again tomorrow.



  1. Hi Kim, love all your office Christmas decor! If you have two stockings I'd sure Believe for having them both filled!
    Have a wonderful Christmas,

  2. Your office looks soooo ready for the your "Believe" cup! Merry Christmas Kim!


  3. I put up a Christmas tree in my classroom every year, so, yes, I decorate for Christmas at work. I also have stockings for each student I got on clearance at Target for $0.20 that I fill with little treats. I actually have three boxes of Christmas decor stored in my class. Gotta' have that Christmas spirit everywhere.

    Merry Christmas Kim!

  4. Hi Kim!

    It sounds like you could use a few of Santa's elves to help you get finished up and ready for Christmas!

    If you B-E-L-I-E-V-E it they will come;)

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas Kim!!