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Monday, April 5, 2010

Can you have too many white dishes?

I have an obsession. I'm a dishaholic. My drug, I mean dish of choice would have to be white ironstone. I love it! I want it! I need it! And boy did I get a fix last weekend. I hit the mother load.

As you probably know by now, I love to shop at thrift stores. I only go on Saturday morning otherwise you would be seeing me on that new TV show call Hoarders. Since I really don't want to be on TV for that, I keep my thrifting to a minimum.

Well I was at my local thrift store on Saturday when all of a sudden I heard a heavenly choir shouting "hosanna". A bright light ascended from the heavens & shown down on a box in the corner. So you know I had to look. And low and behold, what did my eyes see? Why a box full of white dishes. And not ordinary white dishes, but ironstone. Never mind they were made in Japan instead of England. They were ironstone.

The set came with 8 dinner plates, 7 salad plates, 8 saucers and 7 cups. No bowls. Boo hoo.
And what did I pay for my heavenly manna?

Why I paid $15.00!

That's 50 cents a piece. Such a deal.

Double obsession fix. Ironstone & cheap!

Some of the plates are chipped and some are crazing and even some are a little discolored (kind of like me). I call it character.

I already had 4 dinner plates exactly like this that I had picked up from various thrift stores over the years.
I also picked up some other white ironstone dishes over the past month that I forgot to take photos of. But only a plate or two or six. Nothing like getting almost a complete set at one time like this.

My hubby thinks I already had too many white dishes before buying these.

Can you really have too many white dishes?

I don't think so.

What do you think?

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  1. Kim,
    You got an AWESOME deal on these dishes...comeby and show them off tonight at my PAR-TAY...hope to see you there:)


  2. I am with you on this one...nope...never too many white dishes!!! They are really cute! Good job!!!

  3. It doesn't matter what color the dishes can never have enough. You can always find a little spot to fit them least I can!

  4. Don't blame you a bit, Kim! I love the whites too! What a great bargain and they sure come in handy for decorating and company! Have a wonderful week.


  5. No way can you have too many!!! Nice find!

  6. I agree, you can't have too many white dishes! What a great find, Kim. Lucky you!!

  7. Oh you can never have too many white dishes or any color for that matter!! Oh my gosh, I love dishes too, you have a great find there!


  8. I have been trying to find some. That was a great deal. They are all $2 each when I find one. I'm waiting for the big find.

  9. Answer -no! You can never have too many dishes! Especially when they are white ironstone. Great find.

  10. Hi Kim:
    Alas, I'm also a dish hound. If I had a butler's pantry, I'd be in heaven (small "H" on purpose). Hmmmm...maybe if I converted the laundry room? Thanks for sharing photos of some of your treasures.

  11. What a great deal! I LOVE white ironstone too and it has become my new obsession. I have found a few pieces that I have displayed in my dining room and I want to hang a few above a mirror in the dining room too.
    Love what you was definitely your day at the thrift store.

  12. Answer to your question...

    Just keep finding those Ironstone deals!!!!!

    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  13. Too many dishes? Oh heck noooo! lol

    On one thrifty trip, I came home with an ironstone tureen, as I was cleaning it, I heard my son say "Another one!? Mama, you're obssessed" To which I replied "you say that like it's a bad thing" ha!

    You scored, Kim! Those are fabulous! I so heart ironstone too!


  14. In case you don't know I'm pretty sure that mark "SR" is for Sears and Roebuck. I do know that they were made for Sears so it only makes sense that that's what the mark is. GREAT FIND!

  15. First your dishes are beautiful! I love the shape of the plates. Second, there's no way you could ever have too many white dishes, floral dishes, platters...... LOL

  16. Oh I just love your dishes! What a great find! Be blessed. Cindy

  17. What a fantastic find! I'm sure you will enjoy them for a long, long time. You can never have too many white dishes...or too much of ANYTHING white, IMHO. (My hubby says I have a "white obsession.") :)

  18. You made a good score there! I collect various ironstone platters and plates....I love the color variations of the old pieces.

  19. Are you kidding me?! Too many white dishes???? NEVAH! Love them!

  20. Kim,
    I'm so happy that you came to my PAR-TAY...hope you had a good time:)


  21. Awesome enjoy!!!
    No you can never have too many!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  22. I have an OBSESSION with ironstone, too!
    I found a whole box of 72 pcs. of Pfaltzgraff ironstone last year for $15, also!
    i think I need to go to Goodwill tomorrow and get another fix!
    Fun post!!

  23. If they make you happy and you have a place to put them, then why the heck not? :)

  24. Never too many dishes white or otherwise in my opinion! I might be working on being a candidate for Hoarders but I love my dishes! I think you got an awesome deal for sure.

    Linda @ A La Carte