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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Need a color fix?

I was at Home Depot this past weekend to get a couple of tomato plants and look what I found...

Aren't they beautiful?

I normally hate cactus and/or succulents of any kind.

But these are gorgeous.

The sign said "Grafted Cactus". They were $4.49 each.

Did I get one? NO. I hate cactus. Plus I don't have a green thumb.

So I'm sure it would die. And die pretty quickly. I didn't want to take the chance.

Besides, I wasn't there to buy cactus. I was there to buy tomato's. Can't eat cactus.

And If I need a color fix, I'll just look at my photos. (I did not adjust the color on these at all.)

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  1. They sure are beautiful, gorgeous colours.

  2. They sure are beautiful, gorgeous colours.

  3. Wow! What absolutely amazing pictures!


  4. They do make for a lovely sight when in bloom. They are the easiest plant to grow. I really like some of them. These you shared today are very pretty.

  5. How pretty, at a distance they look like delectable little desserts! Guess you know where my mind is...

  6. I use to not like succulents. I still don't like just plain cactus. But I've come to appreciate the textures. Part of a gardeners world...

  7. Oh those were colorful -- what a nice Outdoor Wednesday surprise all in bloom - hope you got your tomatoes plants though.