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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Hutch Take 2

I am so loving my hutch painted black. I just can't keep rearranging it. Here is how it looks as of this morning. Spring hutch take 2.

If you missed my post about the hutch makeover & how I had it decorated for take 1, you can see it here. You will see that some things I left "as is" for take 2. But I have changed up a lot as well.

For instance, this cloche on top. Still has the artichoke statue, or what ever you would call it. I took off the Easter banner & added a moss bed (Dollar Tree moss) as well as a green ribbon.

This wooden birdcage is my newest purchase. I got it Saturday on my trip to Tai Pan Trading. It was my biggest purchase at $10.00. I originally was going to buy a wire birdcage like the ones hanging from the ceiling in my Tai Pan Trading post. But this birdcage was cheaper & much cuter. So I put the other one back & got this one instead. I love how this is wood & has a tin roof & a cupola.

I filled it with moss rocks from Dollar Tree.

I added my newest ironstone salad plates on the top shelf. They were part of the set I wrote about here. The white ironstone dinner plates on the next shelf down were also thrift store finds. I found one at one thrift store for $2.00 & the other two at another thrift store for $1.00 each. I adore white ironstone. But then you already knew that.

This white ironstone tureen I picked up at Salvation Army last summer for 1/2 price. Cost $3.50. It's been sitting in a cupboard since last summer. Now is it's time to shine!!!
The white ironstone pitchers on this shelf are vintage aka: old & I've had for years. The two white pitchers on the top shelf are not vintage aka: new from Ross last year. I kept the wooden birdhouses on this shelf. Added a twig ball & a moss ball.

The largest wooden birdhouse ornament is still under the cloche. It is now sitting on a few of my white ironstone plates that I just got.

See the other "Vintage" ironstone pitcher? The two pitchers on this shelf are my favorite & my oldest. (The rest of the pitchers in my collection are newer aka: not vintage.) I added some Dollar Tree flowers to them. This wooden birdcage ornament is one of my latest thrift store finds.

Nothing changed in this photo from take 1.

This cloche setup is new. I added a little vase from the thrift store. A Dollar Tree ball and my little birdies that were from Target after Christmas clearance. Everything is sitting on a bed of Dollar Tree moss on top of white ironstone plate.
The birdies were actually mini ornaments. I had forgotten about the white vase until I stumbled across it the other day while looking for something else. I love when that happens.

The right side is pretty much the same except the cloche with the number balls now has moss balls with it instead of moss stones as in take 1. And I changed out the little cloche as well.
I placed a metal stencil that I had picked up at an antique store for cheap on an old flower frog. Placed everything on a stack of ironstone saucers from my latest ironstone score. Then I placed grapevine around the base of the cloche. I got the grapevine at the thrift store as well. I added a tag at the top. The tag has been stamped with some french writing. I won a bunch in a blog giveaway a few months back.

And there you have my spring hutch take 2. I hope you likey. I know I do. I'm sure I'll be messing with it some more. I'm thinking of adding vinyl numbers to the plates. What do you think? Too much? Should I stop? Am I obsessed with my hutch?

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  1. Isn't it such fun to play with our dishes and things! Take one was wonderful and Take two is also. You have done a lovely job.

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  3. I really love your hutch painted black and now with all the green and white accent it looks so springy. Great job, girl!

  4. Sorry about the previous deleted comment. My battery went out and the comment was saved before I was done.

    Anyway, as I was saying...
    I just have to go out right now and get me some of those little moss rocks. I have seen them several times at the DT, I have even picked them up , but somehow they never end up in my cart!? Hopefully they are still there...

    I think the combination of black, white, and green makes the hutch look wonderful!

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  5. Ooooo Kim I didn't think I could like your arrangement any more than the last one!! But this is a show stopper!! I Love the all the white stoneware against the black hutch!
    I was also thinking about using white stoneware as well (for when I wanted a different look) on my new Craigslist hutch I bought too! Just need to find some adorable pieces like you have.

    In fact I DID find darling soup tureen at GW the other day and didn't get it!! I'm gonna go back and see if it's still there!!

    Great job! I love it!

  6. I love the hutch in black. It is beautiful. What a change from the before picture. What a nice hubby you have--I see he was doing the painting!! I love the white dishes etc on it--I really like the clean white and how it contrasts with the black!

  7. I love the black and white look! Your hutch is really great and you have done a such a nice job with putting it all together!


  8. I've loved everything you've displayed in your black hutch. The black just makes everything... look great (I'm resisiting using the over-used term "pop") Hope you show us the current pictures every time you change it out. Very inspiring!

  9. Kim,
    You have done an outstanding job with your hutch...luv all the white pitchers and the black was a great idea! Thanks for showing it off at NTT:)


  10. I love your hutch and this vignette is just perfect. I wouldn't change a thing. I love all the beautiful ironstone and the birdhouses. Your cloches and apothecary jars are so beautifully displayed also. Picture perfect for sure. Thanks so much for joining the party. Beautiful and so inspirational for how to arrange various items in such a lovely vignette. Hugs, Marty

  11. Your ironstone is so striking on the black. Beautiful!

  12. And yet another awesome great display by KIM...girl you do have the magic touch with all you do my Friend...Love the white/green here...hey I have those birds in brown from Michaels I think....looks wonderful girl...hugs and smiles to you Gl♥ria

  13. It's ok if you're obsessed with your hutch, we love seeing it! I love your new birdhouse, it's darling.

    I obsess over pictures and hanging things, I'm sure my downstairs neighbors hate me by now with all my banging and hammering!

  14. I love the way the white really stands out against the black of the hutch...stunning, Kim. I really like the shape of your tureen, nice.

  15. I think just about any color 'POPS' on black, especially the white dishes! How pretty!

    I have several black hutches/cabinets, etc. and love them. Don't think you can have too much black! LOL

  16. Your displays look great again. You have a very good eye for putting things together. Love the number and moss balls together.

  17. So pretty! I was eyeing those moss rocks at the Dollar Store the other day~nice to see them being used~I might just have to go back and get some! Love the white and green with the black hutch! Who says you have to stop? I think it's fun to change things around!

    Thanks for sharing,

  18. Thanks for stopping by my place - I love your ironstone display - I think you should put the vinyl letters on the plates - I love numbers and letters!

    My local DT had those candle holders in a box towards the bottom shelf - maybe that means they are moving them out. Look up and down!

    I'm a new follower too! ~Marcy

  19. So pretty! You have done a great job of making this a great showcase of your thrifty finds. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I am loving it..vinyl letters/numbers might look super cute !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  21. Kim, you did a wonderful job making your newly painted hutch beautifully appointed! I really love how you mixed he ironstone, cloches and all the beautiful white and green elements. You are one talented lady! I am re decorating my 2 built in hutches and I'm bookmaking your fabulous job for inspiration! It was wonderful to visit!

  22. I never think of things with numbers but they look so great on your hutch you've encouraged me. -- Jane F.

  23. This is so beautiful! I love it all! Be blessed. Cindy

  24. Ohhh Kim...I love it..I love it..I LOVE IT!!! Your hutch just looks fabulous in her new little black dress!!!'s gorgeous!!! I love the pretty glass door knobs and pulls that you added too! Ohhh...and doesn't everything look grand against that black? All your pretty white dishes (and the green ones from the 1st decorating) just "POP" against that black!!! I know that you're just ecstatic with how it turned out...honey did a great job sanding and painting it too! Isn't that sweet of him!!! Love, love, LOVE all of your pretties on the's accessorized perfectly!!! BRAVO, my friend!!!

    Of course, you knew when I seen the post...I was doin' my happy dance for you! Hehe!

    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  25. Goodness... this is incredible! I don't even know which vignette I love most! I think they all rate a 20 out of 10. Truly beautiful display!

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  26. Gorgeous! You are the vignette queen my dear. Love this!

  27. Very pretty! I love the artichoke figurine in the cloche.. Great job!! :O)

  28. Everything you do is just perfect! Enjoying your photos!


  29. I could stare at these pictures all day! SIMPLY GORGEOUS! love the black and white and green - my favorite! Stunning as Always.

  30. No don't stop, the green pops against the black and white. I love redecorating like that. Makes you feel like you have a new room.

  31. Love it! You gave me some great ideas!

  32. I finally purchased my black hutch this year. I love all the different looks I can create. Right now I am working on a Halloween theme for an October Bunco party.

    You have a gift for decorating and I enjoy looking in on your Blog to see what neat ideas you come up with next. You inspire me! ~ Ames :-)