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Friday, April 2, 2010

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail & Easter Wishes

The bunnies have taken over my family room.

Since I was so lazy, I mean, late in getting down my Easter decorations, I thought I would just put out a couple of bunnies and call it done.

But look what happened. BAM!!!! They have multiplied, and multiplied, and multiplied, like, like, well like bunnies. And now I have millions of them!!!!

Not quite, but more than enough, at least according to my hubby, bless his little heart. Lucky for him they haven't taken over the living room where he spends the majority of his time. But Easter isn't here yet.

There are three on this little cabinet. Four if you count the Easter Wishes sign.

This little trinket box, jar, or what ever you call it just begged for me to take it home from Salvation Army last summer. I said no, it's not Easter. It's summer, and much too hot to think about Easter. But then the bunnies told me they were 1/2 price. 1/2 price!!!! How could I say no? You are just lucky I remembered where I stashed it in order to share for Easter.

There are some of you who have already viewed my Easter cloches, so you have seen some of these photos. But since I wasn't talking much in that post, I thought I would tell you a little something about them in this one.

This bunny box came from Home Goods last year or the year before. I made the cloche from a glass dome from the thrift store & a glass knob. It is sitting on some fabulous antique books I picked up from the antique store for a steal last month. I tried to cover this bunny to keep her from multiplying. (My version of birth control for the bunnies.)

The bunnies have taken over my hutch as well. They are all hopping down the bunny trail looking for the grand master of all bunnies, Peter Cottontail. But Peter flew the coop along with all the birdies from my spring hutch. I think they went to Vegas for spring break. Wish I were with them.

Another bunny box from Home Goods has taken up residence on top of my hutch. They like to chill with their homeys.

These 3 bunnies were from Target last year. Too bad the cheese dome distorts them. It's kind of like the mirrors at the fun house. They are just too cute, in their own distorted way. I have the pink one in the back sitting in a little metal basket I got from the thrift store last year. I know you can't see it, you'll just have to take my word for it.

This bunny is actually a creamer. I collect pitchers & creamers (mostly in white). It came from Home Goods last year.

I'm not really sure where I got these two white bunnies. I'm thinking thrift store or maybe Big Lots. I've had them for awhile. The bunny on the left wanted some bling for Easter after seeing the bunny in the middle had a garland of flowers. So I added this cheap bracelet to add some sparkle to appease her (don't tell Bunny, she thinks it's from Tiffany's) . And the boy in the photo? I'd love to tell you he was my son or grandson, but I have no clue who he is. I was too lazy to change it out for someone I do love. And if I had never mentioned it, you probably wouldn't have even noticed. Right?

What? More bunnies? As you can see, more birth control in place. Not working very well though.

I purchased this bunny cloche from someone on eBay last year or year before. I bought it with the lamb one on my little cabinet. But they came broken. The glass cloche on the lamb one was broken in millions of pieces. Lucky for me, I had a spare cloche to use for that one. This one, the glass cloche was intact. But the rabbits inside came unglued & upside down. And since the glass is actually glued to the base, I had to carefully shake the bunnies around to get them sitting upright & in the right spot and do this without breaking the glass. Not an easy feat. And I have to do this every year I get this out.

This bunny is doing the happy dance as Easter is almost here. Do you see the cute little bluebird by his foot?

I think the one above is my favorite bunny. I got him & his basket from the thrift store last year. There is just something about him that has stolen my heart. Don't tell hubby.

This bunny was another thrift store find. I think he is kind of homely looking. But don't tell him, I'd hate for him to cry.

I actually have 2 of the above covered dishes. But only one made it out for display. I picked both up at two different thrift stores last year. I hide my favorite Easter candy inside. And what would that be? Why it would be..........dang it, I can't remember what they are called. I hate getting old.

Whoppers Robin Eggs!!!! That's it!!! I'll bet you thought I was going to say Cadbury eggs. Yuck! I don't like those. I like the Whoppers Robin Eggs.

I always buy myself about 4 bags at Easter, just for me. They are usually all gone before Easter. And I know I am not alone in doing that. Come on, you can tell me. I won't tell on you.

And did you notice the candy jars on the left? They are decoy candy so that no one takes my Robin Eggs. So far, so good.

I have 2 bunnies that are missing this year. My Pier One moss bunnies on a stick. They are so last year!!! lol. I was too lazy to do anything with them this year, so they stayed in the box.

Even on the other side of the room the bunnies are multiplying. The stone looking bunny came from Marshall's last year. The moss bunny that you can barely see came from Michael's last year. The Happy Spring sign came from Ross this year.

This egg diorama came from eBay last year or year before. It is by Bethany Lowe. The Welcome Spring banner is suppose to go across the front of the left side above the chicky. But it came unglued & I'm too lazy to look for my glue gun. So now it's sitting in front.

The bunny needs to be glued down as well. He is propped up precariously for now. But once my son plops himself down on the couch & bumps up against the table, I'm sure the bunny will be a goner.

This bunny diorama is also by Bethany Lowe. It was an eBay buy as well. This is my favorite one of the two. I love Bethany Lowe stuff, but it is usually so expensive. I must have gotten a good deal on the ones I bought. Either that, or I plead temporary insanity.

And finally I spied a couple of bunnies on my fireplace mantel. The foil bunnies came from Marshall's or TJ Maxx last year. The happy Easter sign came from TJ Maxx this year.

All the bunnies and moi want to wish you all a very Happy Easter!!!

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  1. Hi Kim:
    That's quite the collection of bunnies. I love the cabbage leaf dishes, too. Perhaps that's what attracting all of them to your hutch?
    Happy Easter!

  2. Just stunning. I absolutely LOVE all of your cloches and apothecary jars, and all of your bunnies are just stunning. All of your displays and vignettes are beautiful. You home is lovely and it show what wonderful attention you pay to detail. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oh, my, I love the bunnies and cloches and the old book. Lezlee

  4. I puffy heart love your blog! Your vingette-ing skills are flippin awesome! You my friend-rock! Can't wait to check out the rest of the goodness you have on here! Please, stop by and say hello! I would love to be friends!

  5. I adore all the bunnys and yes they do multiply like crazy, however they just get cuter and cuter the more here are, love all the cloches, too cute and of course the signs, something you will keep for years...

  6. I enjoyed seeing all this so much! You have a great way with words, as well as a magic touch with decorating!


  7. Kim, I absolutely adore all your bunnies in their sweet lil vignettes! I do believe you win for the most bunnies, hands down!!!! Lovely post!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

    Happy PS!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  8. Boy those bunnies sure did want to come out and play. I am glad they did! So many cute bunnies and cloches. I liked the dancing bunny...he must be getting tired waiting for that special day. A blessed Easter to you and your family, Joan

  9. I simply adore all your bunny friends...adorable. I love your lettuce leaf plates - they are gorgeous displayed in your hutch.

  10. Hi Kim ~
    I am loving all your Easter goodies, so glad you got over your "lazy" , I am betting that new painted hutch got you in the mood..I always get in the mood 1 or 2 weeks before too...drats and then it is over... I adore your open frame and those old books and the signs are wonderful !
    Hugs, Kammy

  11. It does look as if the bunnies have multiplied! Every last one of them is adorable.
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  12. Kim, once again I'm going to say that you have got the best collection of holiday stuff I've ever seen! Can you believe I just got to go to my first Home Goods last month? I had a doctor's appt. in Dallas. And it's the closest one to us. Loved it by the way!

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ALL--the big pink egg, the speckled eggs the bunny, that green plate and on and on...

    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri--

    I am trying to get through all of my old follower list and contact everyone letting them know --begging--asking PRETTY PLEASE , if you haven't come over to RESIGN up to follow me at the new site please do so my followers didn't get to go with me--Google swipes your followers--\

  14. Bunnies are a good thing!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!!
    Happy Easter!
    Hugs, Lisa

  15. Do you have a license to raise all those bunnies? *grin* I loved seeing all your artsy bunny displays, Kim. One is as pretty and as cleverly displayed as the next, so no favorite could be picked here today! I liked you chatty post today.... And yes, I hide my own candy. But, often, I outwit myself and can't find it when I want it!
    Have a Happy Easter Sunday w/your family! hugs, Sue

  16. All the bunnies are at your house- who is delivering and hiding the eggs?
    I do not know this Home Goods store. I will have to look it up.

  17. Kim, your bunnies are absolutely adorable. I'm so happy you pulled yours down and shared these photos. I didn't get out much Easter decorations this year because of or scheduled trip to France. Then early in the week my husband had to have surgery for a detached retina. So trip is off and here we are. It was really fun to get to see your rabbits and all the fun Easter things you have about. Great job of using the cloches! I'm still very cloche deprived here at HFTS.
    Sorry I've been MIA of late. The past month has been busy with LIFE and little time on the computer.
    Happy Easter to you!

  18. Kim, me again. I'm a Whoppers robin eggs girl myself. I think I went through a couple of bags this year. Oh, no!
    Also love those cabbage plates. :-)

  19. I LOVE your Bethany Lowe diorama Kim & I am going to try to recreate it w/ 2 halves of a vintage paper mache egg I recently bought (thrifting of course LOL). Both halves were for the same side so they don't fit together.

    BTW I have a bunny creamer & 2 pitchers I was planning on donating BACK to GW. You can have them if you want to pay the shipping...let me know if you want me to send pics.

    And can't have too many white dishes. ;o)

  20. Kim, you have the BEST Easter bunnies ever! I fell in love with several of them, and I LOVE those dioramas. I'm so glad you shared all of these for Favorite Things Saturday. laurie

  21. You always have such enchanted arrangements. I may have to go bunny hunting.