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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm in a parade! A parade of bedrooms.

Debra over at Bungalow is having a parade of bedrooms today. I totally forgot about it until now. And I've always wanted to be in a parade. But if I wanted to participate, I need photos. And I'm not at home, so how am I going to take photos? I was all in a panic.

I am at work, so I don't have access to my bedroom or to photos I have on Picasa at home on my computer. And my regular work computer took a dump earlier in the week, so I don't have my Picasa photos on the computer I am currently using.

What's a girl to do? Aha! I'll just copy photos of my bedroom from my family blog. I posted about my bedroom a few times last year on that blog. This will be the first time I'm showing photos on this, my decorating blog.

So I am so excited!!!! I get to be in a parade. Do I need to practice my pageant wave?

Here is a photo of my master bedroom from last summer. I guess I should have called it "our" master bedroom since I am married. But I make all the decorating decisions, so I'll call it "my" master bedroom for the purpose of blogging.

We got the four poster bed from a small furniture store in Murrieta that is no longer in business. The bed frame was $499.00. We've had it for about 5 years now & I still love it.

Debra wanted us to show what we have above our bed. I placed a framed print of the building of the Eiffel Tower, shown in stages. I got it from Kirkland's about 4 years ago on clearance for $20.00. I'm hoping that if we have an earthquake that the print will fall off the wall behind the headboard & not directly on top of our heads. You have to think of these things when you live in southern California.

The flower toile coverlet & shams came from Marshall's last year or the year before. It is sometimes hard to find the matching shams when buying coverlets from Marshall's, TJ Maxx & Home Goods. So I was quite happy I was able to find shams for this coverlet.

This is what the bed wall looked like when we first bought our house 4 years ago. This wall is the west side of our room & had these 2 square windows that don't open up. The prior owner had covered them with this flowered vinyl paper. It was tacky.

My hubby made me these leaded glass windows for Christmas a few years back. One on each side of the bed.

Here is a closeup. He purchased all the bevels & the beveled fleur de lis off of eBay. The glue chip glass he purchased from a local stained glass store. He made the frames out of molding. The best part of these windows are that they are removable. We can take them with us if we ever move.

This is the north wall where this antique dresser sits. This dresser was hubby's. It's the real reason I married him. Just kidding! I love the curve along the front. The jewelry box was a gift from hubby when we first met 14 years ago. The toile lampshades in my room came from Lowe's a few years back. I do have a few extra that I picked up if anyone is interested in buying. Just let me know. Sorry that I don't have a better photo of the entire dresser. But I'm not at home to take photos.

I love these plates I have hanging above this dresser. The toile plate on the right came from Marshall's a few years back. I just saw the same plates at my local TJ Maxx just last week. The other 2 plates were from eBay a long time ago.

The entryway to our master bath is between the wall the dresser is on & this wall. I have a small cabinet (that I didn't take a photo of) sitting below this shelf. The frenchy mirror was from Mervyn's about 7 years ago. To the right of this small wall is the doorway to our bedroom.

We have now come to the East wall in my room. I bought this white dresser off of eBay for $75.00. It is from Rachel Ashwell's Simply Shabby Chic line at Target. I don't have a photo of the entire dresser. But the knobs look like glass & are shaped like roses. Hubby wants to paint it black. The lamp base is Simply Shabby Chic from Target as well. I got it on clearance when our Target moved across the freeway. The lamp shade I found on clearance at Ross. The toile boxes were picked up from Ross a few years back. And the jewelry box on this dresser is a thrift store find. It has a fabulous vintage rose print on the top. This box actually held stationary at one time, but I'm using it as a jewelry/junk box.

I think this window is one of my favorite things in our room. My brother in law found the window at the dump & salvaged it for me. I bought a B&W poster of Paris in the early 1900's to put behind the window. That way I feel like I am waking up to Paris each morning. Ooh la la!!!

To the right of the white dresser is this huge armoire (again no photo of the entire piece of furniture). I purchased it years ago from The JC Penney furniture outlet for cheap. There are 2 drawers inside as well as a full length mirror on one of the doors. You can also hang clothes up inside. But we have a TV instead. But it is not hooked up, so we don't watch it. I should get rid of it so then I would have more storage space. Hubby wants to paint this armoire black as well. I agree on that one. On top I have some of my white pitcher & vase collection. As well as a bird cage.
And now we are to the final wall in our room. Which would be the south wall. That is where you will find this shelf. I filled it with girly stuff. Underneath this shelf is a round table with a huge fan sitting on it. We have hot summer nights here in SoCal. Not very pleasing to look at, but very efficient. What? You can't see the table? You aren't missing anything.

Right smack dab in the middle of the south wall are these french doors hubby put in. There used to just be a window. We got the french doors on clearance at Lowe's a few years ago for $150.00. We got 3 sets. So hubby put french doors in all our bedrooms except for one. He did just pick up a free set of french doors, just needs a frame & then all our bedrooms will have french doors. Since taking this photo, I have added black & white toile curtains.

Above the french doors hang these 3 frenchy plates.

To the right of the french doors is this little antique dresser. It was my great grandmother's. It does have a different mirror that is suppose to attach to is, but I like this tri way mirror better. I picked up this mirror at a yard sale for $5.00. You can see my toile drapes in this photo. Above the dresser is a mirror cabinet that I got from a thrift store for $5.00. All I had to do was add vintage photos of Paris.

Here is a closeup of what is on this small dresser. I use it as my vanity. This jewelry box was my great grandmother's. It is my favorite of all my jewelry boxes. Most everything else where thrift store finds. Perfume bottles are one of the things that I collect. These are just a few in my collection. I just adore vanity items. And now we are back to the west wall. On either side of the bed we have matching french provincial night stands. And again, not showing you the entire piece. These nightstands were my mother in law's. When she passed away, we got them. They were originally painted an ugly green. Hubby painted them black & then we added new pewter knobs. You can also tell that my nightstand is for "real life". I have a phone, Kleenex, clock radio, etc. I don't stage it to look pretty, but to be functional.

A few final photos of my bed. Here is how it currently looks. Since it hasn't gotten hot yet, we have on the heavier toile comforter. My son bought it for us from JC Penney online a few years back. I'll be switching to the lighter flower toile coverlet in the next few weeks. Or maybe even my white matelasse coverlet. Haven't decided yet.

The white monogrammed pillow came from JC Penney online. The checked pillow was an eBay purchase. In this photo, I was using my white matelasse coverlet.

The white netting was an eBay purchase as well. I love how it makes the bed more romantic. And it was hubby's idea. I still need to make a bedskirt. The comforter came with one, but it's not long enough. Our bed sits up higher than normal.

Oh, and I do have a Lane cedar chest sitting at the foot of my bed that I don't have a photo of. It was given to my mom by my grandparents when she was teenage girl. She gave it to me when I was in my 20's. I pile the pillows from my bed on it at night. Who am I kidding? We rarely make our bed (unless we are having company or I need to take photos), so the pillows are piled there all the time. Keeping it real, keeping it real.

I hope that you have enjoyed my bedroom. Sorry that I didn't have photos of entire pieces of furniture (except for the bed). But I have to scavenge the photos from what I had. And besides, we all know that the bed is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom. And I did show you that.

If you want more bedroom inspiration, be sure to visit Debra at Bungalow.

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  1. Simply divine Kim, truly. You have such an amazing touch. I'm envious! I especially love the windows your hubby made! Can't believe he actually made those.

  2. Your room is amazing! Those windows are amazing! I'm totally impressed. I just did/doing my kitchen in b/w toile. Your room is such an inspiration. I especially love your dressing table. Such beautiful things. And then netting makes it so romantic. What a beautiful room!

  3. You have a beautiful bedroom! I too love the old window with the Paris themed poster. In fact, I think that I will highlight that on the Boardwalk Blotter, if you don't mind. I will just post a picture of it with a link back to you post. Please let me know if that is agreeable to you. I like to put my favorite items on the Blotter. Here is a link to the Blotter:

    Just let me know. Thank you!

  4. What a wonderful retreat Kim. It's all so romantic, a little vintage and fresh at the same time. Great job! Your husband is a real handyman and artist!

  5. Kim, your bedroom is beautifully romantic looking. I love the windows your husband made for you. They are stunning.

  6. Shut up! There is NO way that is your real bedroom. You scammed some photos off some gorgeous decorating magazine site -- admit it!!


    That bedroom is to die for. Really. So pretty and so romantic and so grown up.

    I LOVE the window, too . . . looks like you're living in a b&w French film. Oooh-lah-lah!


  7. Your bedroom looks so pretty! I love black and white, and toile! Netting is pretty too! Great pics.

  8. I LOVE toile! And black and white toile especially...need I say more?LOL!
    PS I love all your antiques too.
    PSS And I'm jealous of your handy hubby makin' all kinds of beautiful stuff for you. Really jealous.:)

  9. Okay, so you know I LOVE the netting (I also got mine off eBay!)
    And you must know that I love the black and white accents, and you gotta know that I love the Paris theme- Okay, so I just love it all!
    Very pretty, Kim.
    How sweeeeeeeet of your hubby to make you those windows- they are just incredible.
    And I have just about said the same thing that all the other girls have said, LOL!
    So glad you let us see your very first parade.
    (I am pageant waving back atcha!)

  10. Well, dear heart...this is one of my favorite bedrooms. I love every single thing about it. You are really great at decorating..Love the old window...
    I just signed up to follow..maybe you can teach me something about decorating. So so pretty!!
    xo bj

  11. P.S.
    Your hubby is awesome!! Those windows are just stunning!

  12. Wow! I really love your bedroom.The windows are awesome and I love the toile and all your little touches.


  13. Kim, Kim, Kim,

    Your bedroom is amazing! I love the bed and the bedding. I love those little square windows. You lucky girl. :)

  14. I love the picture of the room reflected in the mirror. It's so pretty. The black and white toile is beautiful.

    Great hubby you have for making the glass panels. I'll bet he's a keeper.

    Thanks so much for joining the Parade of Bedrooms!

  15. Gosh - that is just pure Beautiful ! I love it - you have such a nice house...I can't show my bedroom - it is dated and still decorated with red/white/blues ! It is on my LIST !

  16. Oh yes, I could live in your bedroom and be happy forever. It is wonderful. I absolutely love Black and White and especially toile. My bedroom and office are done in black and white toile also but you have the touch. You have a gift in the decor world. And your hubby, he is gifted also. Wow, what a pair you are.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please come by for more visits.

  17. I LOVE your style! That bedroom is divine.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog...BTW, those are Chocolates....very detailed choc shells set on a real shell and wrapped. I can't wait to present them to my dinner guests!

  18. gorgeous bedroom - love the parisian touches :D

  19. absolutely gorgeous and dreamy!! I love the bedding!!

  20. your bedroom is stunning.. I so love toile. The french touches are beautiful. I especially love the french window.

  21. What a spectacular bedroom! I sooo love toile. My granddaughter is re-doing her room in an Eiffel Tower theme, so I must show her your room! She will absolutely flip!! Your use of old Paris photography really adds so much! Love the french doors ~ we had them in our last home and I miss them!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  22. Hi Kim,
    This is truly a fabulous master bedroom! I love everything about it. The leaded glass windows were the perfect choice. I love the bedding, all your great decorating ideas and well just everything!

  23. I love that window with the poster. What a wonderful idea.

  24. Kim, what a gorgeous room. You've done a terrific job pulling this all together. Love the four poster bed, and the windows your husband made are perfect for the room. Of course I'm impressed with all the French touches here. Thanks for sharing your master space. I think it's a comfortable and charming space.

  25. It's absolutely gorgeous!!! Those windows are a work of art, what a sweet guy to make them for you!! Everything is really just beautiful.

  26. J'adore the Parisian theme of your bedroom! Those little windows your husband made are perfect!

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