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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let's play some peek a boo & guess who got a haircut?

I was out in my backyard the other day & guess what I saw?

Two lizards playing a game of peek a boo.

They kept hiding behind my thermometer. And every once in awhile, when they thought I wasn't looking, they would pop out for a few minutes to soak up the warm sun.
This one finally got brave (or stupid) enough to come out all the way.

We have lots of lizards at our house. Do you?

And since we are talking about haircuts, what, we weren't talking about haircuts? We are now. I need a haircut in the worst way. My hair is getting much too long. But it was not I that got the haircut, it was Flipper, our dolphin topiary.

Here is the before. Can hardly recognize Flipper. He looks like a long haired hippy freak to me. And if you are a long haired hippy freak, I hope that I didn't offend you. It wasn't my intention to offend, I personally just don't like the look. Lucky for me, Flipper was not offended in the slightest by my comment. He knows I just like a cleaner look.

And here is the after. Ahhhh, much better. Clean cut preppy look instead. Now you can tell it's Flipper. Thanks to hubby! Now everyone is much happier.

Why are you looking at me now? And don't you dare call me a long haired hippy freak. I'm a long haired princess who happens to need a haircut. How about you? At least I haven't become cousin It yet. Remember cousin It from the Adams Family?

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  1. Those are the cutest lizards. We have some, but ours seem to be shrimpier. Lovely signs of spring.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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  2. I definitely need a haircut! Flipper looks much better with his new do and we used to live by lots of lizards when my boys were little. My middle son would sneak them in his pocket to keep in his room.

  3. I came by for a visit from the Southern Daydreamer ,, love those two little lizards, they are having so much fun... and the dolphin -- nice haircut,, they look so much better now,, don't you agree?

    come visit my rainy North West for a awesome view of my world via the magic of blogland,

  4. Of course I remember cousin It! And I am loving flipper and impressed at your ability to keep him trimmed and cleaned up. He looks great!

  5. I do remember Cousin It. And I too need a haircut. I keep chopping at it myself, which isn't getting any better as I go. I love your Flipper! We have lizards, but I'm not really seeing them yet. I can promise you though, that Charlie Ross is constantly on the look out for them!

  6. Good morning my Calif friend...Kim thanks so much for coming by and seeing me...were your rars burning girl??? Chari and I were talking about how you only been married like 4 years just like we were ha ha!! Hey were all a bunch of newly weds ha ha!! I hope your having a GREAT day on your piece of Calif my friend...Looks like we finally have spring time here...Hey I heard it snow last weekend up here...broke my plum tree in half this time...what a mess to come home to ha ha!!
    Oh girl I love that dolpin that is just awesome where did you find that??? WOW!! I have a wood craved one by my hot tub but love the ivy covered one...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  7. It's hard to say that a lizard is cute, but indeed he is! Also, I completely understand your love of white ironstone - me, too! I have a few pieces that match yours, but mostly a mismatched collection. What a score for you! Linda

  8. Truly impressed what your husband did. How fun that would be to have too bad I live up north I would only get to enjoy it for about 2 months. Sigh

  9. Cool back yard! Enjoy!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. You are too cute! Love the Flipper topiary. Hubby did a great job trimming it. I have lots of lizards in my yard. They are very territorial. I certainly remember Cousin It! I can relate to needing a haircut but I am growing it out again for Locks of Love. I usually let it grow long enough so that it is not up to my chin when they cut off the required length.

    ~ Tracy

  11. Those lizards are neat! They are out in full force at our house in AZ, too!

  12. We don't have lizards. How cool that you have a dolphin topiary! Yep, I need a haircut too.


  13. The dolphin topiary is awesome. I would to have one like that in my backyard and I too need a haircut desperately!
    I have some spiral topiary and some round forms but no aminal shapes....maybe I'll have to try to make one.

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  14. love those two little lizards, they are having so much fun..
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